Fighting Game News: Injustice 2 PC beta delayed, Comic shaders mod released for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

We are experiencing something of a fighting game revolution these days. Fighting games are coming back in full force and it’s hard to keep track of all the new character announcements and trailers. That’s why we have the fighting game news rundown, so if any stories fall through the cracks you can be sure to catch them right here.

Injustice 2’s PC Open Beta Delayed

One of the most interesting fighters of the year, Injustice 2, is finally set to have a PC release, but it’s not going as smoothly as planned. Last week an open beta for the PC version was set to kick off, only to be delayed indefinitely afterward. Warner Bros. has released no further information after the announcement of the delay. We’ll just have to wait and see if this affects the game’s eventual PC release.

Captain Ginyu and Nappa Revealed as Dragon Ball FighterZ’s Newest Characters

Captain Ginyu and Nappa have both joined the Dragon Ball FighterZ roster.

Ginyu is a character that primarily works by calling in the other members of the Ginyu Force. He can move independently while they attack, making him sort of a Captain Commando analog and less of a shadow character like Android 18. Gaptain Ginyu also has the ability to use his “body change” as a level three. This long start-up short range projectile lets him switch characters and life totals with the opponent. While stuck in Ginyu’s body, the opponent cannot use his body change nor can they call members of the Ginyu Force, making him a much weaker character. It appears to be a gimmicky move, much like Android 16’s self-destruct, hard to hit but incredible if it does.

Nappa is more straight forward. He fits the slow, hard-hitting, brawler archetype. In addition to moves that have frames of armor, he can also plant seeds that eventually grow into Saibamen who will attack the opponent independently. Also, he gives us an excuse to make “Ghost Nappa” jokes again.

Dragon Ball FighterZ’s Dragon Ball Mechanic Leaked

On a stream, Bandai Namco accidentally revealed what would happen if all seven Dragon Balls are collected in battle. You collect Dragon Balls by performing combos of specific hit-counts. Once you have done combos of at least 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, and 70 hits, all Dragon Balls will be collected and Shenron, the Eternal Dragon will be summoned. Shenron will then give the player who collected the last Dragon Ball a choice of wishes. They can either refill their current character’s health, revive their downed teammates, gain increased health regeneration, or gain a second Sparking Blast activation.

All of these wishes seem to completely break the game in favor of the person who gets them, but luckily it doesn’t appear to be an issue. YouTuber Rhymestyle pointed out that this mechanic might be a part of a secondary, more casual mode. As of now, we have no confirmation from Bandai Namco on that fact.

Android 21 Might Show Up in Other Dragon Ball Media

Android 21, the original character made specifically for Dragon Ball FighterZ might have a bigger role to play in the Dragon Ball plot. Akira Toriyama says that she may find her way into the anime and manga, if fans respond to her well.

Thus far we know that the game’s story will feature several clones of the Dragon Ball Z cast coming to earth and somehow making all our favorite heroes pass out. Only by interfacing the player directly with Goku’s mind do the Z fighters have a chance to fight back. It’s a goofy story, but not any goofier than Dragon Ball usually is.

It is currently unclear whether or not Android 21 will be a playable character, but signs point toward yes.

Arc System Works Finally Opens American Branch

Arc System Works is one of the most well-known fighting game developers in the market today, yet they have always been an exclusively Japanese company. However, with their games becoming increasingly popular in America along with their slow transition into the PC market, they have decided that it is finally time to open an American branch.

 “Since its inception almost 30 years ago,” said president and CEO Minoru Kidooka “Arc System Works has been at the pinnacle of 2D Fighting game development—merging traditional Japanimation-like expression and technology to bring fans around the world entertainment the likes of which they have never seen.

“While we have been able to bring our games to North America with help from local business partners in the past, with our new branch ‘Arc System Works America, Inc.’ we will better be able to open the channels of communication between fan and developer, ensuring your voices are heard and most importantly applied.”

Arc System Works Wants to Hear Your Opinions on BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle

Now is your chance to get your voice heard. Arc System Works wants to hear your opinion on BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle. In a recently released survey, they ask you what your opinion is on the game’s mechanics and what characters you would like to see in the roster. They even open up the possibility of characters from other companies’ games. So yes, you might see Goku, Dante, or really whoever you want in BBCTAG as long as you get enough votes.

Bulma Might be Playable in Dragon Ball Fighter Z?

On an official listing on, Dragon Ball FighterZ was listed as having Bulma as a playable character. A few days passed and this info was taken down, with “it was a typo” being the official excuse. This hasn’t kept fans from theorizing that Bulma might actually find her way into the final roster. She has been confirmed to be an active character in the game’s story mode and with several DLC character on the way, nothing is impossible.

Meet the Artificial Intelligence that Plays Street Fighter II

Gyroscope Software has built an A.I. that plays fighting games. This is much different from the A.I. you are used to. It’s not meant to simulate a player, but rather learn fighting game techniques on its own. As of now it has only taken on casual players and the game’s own bots, but they are hoping that one day it can take on and learn from the best. Check out this article on for a full rundown of how the bot was created.

Comic Shader Mod Released for Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite

Modder nded has released a brand new graphics mode for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite that makes use of ReShade to give the game a more comic-book style look. Unfortunately, it does some weird things with the U.I. though these small glitches are being fixed every day. If you are interested in installing this mod, you can download it here.

Combofiend Leaves Capcom

Peter “Combofiend” Rosas, associate producer on Street Fighter V, Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, and as a Battle Designer for Ultra Street Fighter IV, has left his position at Capcom after five years with the company.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to work on the games that shaped my life,” Rosas said, “a definite dream come true, but now I feel it’s time for the next generation to be able to do the same. There’s no doubt in my mind that the current generation has their own unique ideas that will push Capcom’s fighting games forward in terms of innovation and evolution. I definitely look forward to seeing those ideas come to fruition in the future.  “

Punch Planet to Hit Early Access on November 8th

Punch Planet, the new indie fighter with time travel mechanics, is finally releasing to the public. Sector-K has announced that the game will be hitting Early Access on November 8. The Early Access build will come with four fighters, three stages, training mode, and versus mode. Further characters, stages, and modes will be added as development continues.