Far Cry 5’s Dead Living Zombies DLC launches on August 28

Dead Living Zombies, the third and final premium DLC expansion for Far Cry 5, will launch on August 28 according to publisher Ubisoft.

A press release and accompanying teaser trailer reveal that Dead Living Zombies will have players teaming up with Guy Marvel, the D-list movie director who also appears in Far Cry 5 proper, to bring Marvel’s "epic zombie saga” to life via seven different gameplay scenarios. Naturally, these scenarios will include assets such as shambling zombie walkers and zombie dogs, and all of the scenarios were apparently made using Far Cry 5’s in-game Arcade Editor tools.

Clearing each scenario will unlock a score attack variant, and earning a three-star rating in the score attack version will in turn unlock new weapons and items that can be transferred over to the main Far Cry 5 campaign. A series of new zombie-themed assets and scripts will also be added to the Arcade Editor for free, allowing dedicated map-makers to create their own custom zombie scenarios.

Those who own Far Cry 5’s season pass will be able to download Dead Living Zombies for free when it launches next week, and those who’d rather buy it standalone will be able to do so by ponying up $6.99.