Fan-made Halo game in development on PC

While the Halo series technically has a presence on PC, it’s a pale shadow of the franchise’s presence on Microsoft’s Xbox family of consoles, and one group of pioneering fans has decided that if Microsoft won’t give them a proper Halo PC game, they’ll just make it themselves.

Dubbed Installation 01, the fan-developed project will be an original recreation of the multiplayer suite from the original Halo: Combat Evolved which will also serve as an artistic tribute to the entire Halo series. In order to circumvent the many glaring problems Microsoft might have with a team of fans using the Halo property to make their own game, the development team behind Installation 01 is taking several precautions:

“Our work is completely legal. We are carefully following the rules set forth in Microsoft’s Game Content Usage Rules. No content in our game has been ‘ripped’, it’s all handmade by our team. Everything in the game is fan created and can be legally downloaded and distributed in accordance with the Game Content Usage Rules. We are not out to make any money, even to cover costs. The work is all a labor of love, our team gets nothing in return except the satisfaction of making the ultimate Halo tribute, and some portfolio building.”

The content which the team is creating includes familiar Halo assets like Spartan soldiers, weapons, and the famous Warthog vehicle, as well as more original pieces like brand new multiplayer maps. The team also says that, if everything goes well, it is also strongly considering the possibility of making some of its own original single-player content as well.

You can see Installation 01 in action via the below dev video. A public test of the game is scheduled to be held in November. For more on Installation 01, be sure to visit the game’s official website.