This Fallout: New Vegas mod completely overhauls the way NPCs look and sound

It’s really something how after ten years, Fallout: New Vegas, is still getting massive love from modders. Despite its age and countless overhaul mods already available, substantial releases are still making their way out of the minds of modders and into our hands.

Brave New World is one such mod and it completely overhauls not just the character models of countless major and minor NPCs but completely revoices them with professional voice actors. This does wonders for making the world feel much more realistic as you’re not hearing the same voices coming out of the mouths of different NPCs.

Brave New World is the result of nearly four years of work with the creators screening 30,000 auditions to revoice nearly 145 NPCs. The results speak for themselves:

You’ll still experience some doubling up on dialog – two merchants in different towns having the same voice actor, for instance – but the level of dedication that went into this is really something to behold. If you haven’t been back to visit the Mojave wasteland in a spell this is the perfect time to visit while you wait for the New Vegas remake being built from the ground up in Fallout 4’s engine. And with Microsoft acquiring Bethesda we may even get a New Vegas 2.

If you want to make your return trip to New Vegas even more memorable then we suggest adding the following mods to Brave New World to really get the most of it.

NMC’s Texture Pack

Give the wasteland a fresh coat of paint with this overhaul mod. It’ll retexture everything from roads, buildings, interiors, even trees. It comes in three sizes so keep it in mind that combining with other mods may push your machine too far. New Vegas is notorious for crashing so you’ll have to be careful with this one. Go for the small or medium pack depending on how many other mods you’re using.

Nevada Skies

The Mojave can be a beautiful place, even after a nuclear doomsday. Nevada Skies gives the stratosphere a makeover with much more blue and white. This one will have you walking the highways and byways of Vegas rather than fast traveling.

EVE – Essential Visual Enhancements

EVE will give explosions, lasers, bullet impacts, much more punch, and pop. Whether you’re vaporizing a raider with a laser or turning a deathclaw into an irradiated pile of goo with a Fat Man, you’ll appreciate every new muzzle flash or grenade detonation.

Project Nevada

Project Nevada adds new items and modifiers to give you a deeper experience as well as slight changes to the game world like being able to blow open locked containers with explosives. You’ll get quality of life improvements like a grenade hot-key and bullet-time and more game-changing additions like a whole new suite of bionic implants.

A World of Pain


A World of Pain adds tons of new locations (full of enemies, usually) to the sprawling Mojave wasteland. If you love uncovering every location on the map then this one’s perfect for you. Just make sure you’re leveled up and packing plenty of stims. Even locations close to Good Springs will show level one wanderers no mercy.

Wasteland Flora and Terrain Overhaul

Nuclear bombs can’t keep plants down forever. Besides, it’s nice to have a bit of greenery to spruce up the otherwise barren desert of Nevada. This is one of those mods that makes you forsake fast travel for long walks while you blast Radio New Vegas.

New Vegas Bounties

Randall and Sons bounty hunting is hiring and you’re the perfect candidate. This fully-voiced quest add on gives you the option to hunt down the scum of the wasteland for cold, hard caps. Be sure to pick up chapter II of Bounties as well as their other quest mod The Inheritance.

Enhanced Camera

This very simply changes the camera so that when you look down you see your own body. This is super subtle but adds a nice touch, especially with all the different outfits you’ll wear over the course of your adventure.

Electro City – Relighting the Wasteland

 New Vegas wouldn’t be Vegas without the neon lights of the strip. Electro City rewires not only the strip but adds lights along the highways and roads of the Mojave. Street lamps, light fixtures, spotlights, everything’s been redone and to great effect. When the sun goes down the wasteland is a different place and with this mod, you’ll actually get to see it.

Weapons of the new Millenia

For those of you that always dump all your skill points in small arms Weapons of the new Millenia adds a bevy of new firepower to the arsenals of New Vegas. A common criticism of Fallout 3 was it didn’t include enough real-world weaponry besides the hunting rifle. The omission of a pump-action shotgun was perhaps one of the most egregious gaming sins of the past.

WOTNM adds all the modern weaponry you could want with 45 new pistols, rifles, and shotguns.

Make sure you get the Fallout Mod Manager as well as the New Vegas Script Extender, and the 4GB patcher to keep your game nice and stable. Enjoy your stay in New Vegas and don’t forget to watch out for cazadores.