Fallout 4 railway rifle

Fallout 4: The Sneaky Road to the Railway Rifle

The Railway rifle is arguably one of the coolest weapons in Fallout 4, packing high base damage, the ability to pin enemy limbs to walls, and one of the most jolly train whistle sound effects you'll ever hear, it's an essential tool in any wanderer's arsenal. Of course, as is the case with many of Fallout 4's weapons, finding such a powerful piece of kit is its own battle, but we've found a way for almost anyone to net themselves the iconic weapon of the wastes, and if you're careful you can do it without firing a single shot.

The Location

There are a few ways to get your hands on a Railway rifle, but by far the easiest to access is found at Big John's Salvage directly southeast of Diamond City. You'll know you're getting close when you pick up the Miller Family Radio Signal, but if you're having issues finding the location it's worth it to swing a little farther South and activate Relay Tower OSC 527. It'll extend the range of the Miller Family Radio Signal and also set you up to approach from the best angle to get your prize with minimal hassle.

Either way you'll find Big John's Salvage absolutely swarming with Super Mutants, which is all fine and dandy if you're a high-level wastelander. If that's the case you shouldn't have much trouble clearing them out, just be careful of the Super Mutant Suicider in the Miller family home on the east side of the junkyard, and the high-level Super Mutant leader at the top of the car fortress in the center of the salvage yard.

If you're interested in the reason behind the radio signal check the terminal in the Miller family home, you'll find quite a bit of information on the family and it'll give you a hint to make it easier to find the Miller family and their Railway rifle.

The Route

Of course for the purpose of this guide we're going to assume that you're tackling this area at an extremely low level on a high difficulty setting, looking for the weapon that'll give you the edge for the foreseeable level scaling future. With a base damage of 104 the Railway rifle is a strong weapon for even an experienced wastelander, and the extremely high bonus limb damage makes it the perfect weapon for winging a charging monster so it can be safely kited into submission.

Before we get started, to make it to the Railway rifle intact it's highly advisable to take at least one rank in the Sneak perk tree. We were able to pull it off with just the first level bonus, but it'll get progressively easier to fool the Super Mutants in the area with more ranks in this perk. Of course you can make everything a lot simpler with a Stealth Boy, but you might want to save those for a time when you really need them, and as a low-level character you might not have a stockpile to burn through.

Step one is to circle around to the southernmost ridge on the outside of the salvage yard. One of the most difficult steps to sneaking through Big John's Salvage is actually getting past the series of walls and fences into the yard itself. There are Super Mutants posted with a variety of layers of cover at every entrance, so we're going to dodge almost all of it by sliding down the ridge on the east side.

Your main target is just to make sure you're inside the small chain link fence to the left. That's the border of the salvage yards walls. You can choose a slightly different spot on the ridge itself, but as long as you land inside the fence undetected you should be golden.

Once you have boots on the ground move forward, keeping the rusted containers ahead between you and the Super Mutants in the Miller family home. Once you reach the edge of these containers you'll notice a train car that's been toppled on its side. Inside is the entrance to the Miller family bunker and our ticket to the Railway Rifle, unfortunately the bunker is sealed until we circle all the way around to the main breaker and flip on the generators.

For now just snuggle up close to it and take some time to memorize the patrols of the sentries in their guard posts. If your Sneak is high enough you might be able to walk by without fear of detection no matter which direction they're facing, but for the rest of us it's better to be safe than sorry.

When you're ready circle around to the right of the toppled train car, hug the wall and work your way in between the metal posts to the small pile of barrels to the left. You should be relatively concealed so take another breather and check for the new batch of visible sentries. The most important guard to note is actually in the small super market across from you; his patrol takes him right into the doorway below the platform to the right which makes it extremely easy for him to spot you if you're moving.

Wait for him to turn around and you can move freely, albeit slowly, to the stack of rusted drainage pipe further ahead. That's your next safe zone. 

The switch to the generator is just around the corner, but the sentry in the shack above needs to move along his patrol before it's safe to go. Once he starts walking along the bridge behind him it's safe to move. Once you round the corner you'll see a large turbine-like feature sticking out of the building below the sentry with a lead of wire stretching to a small box. That's your target.

Flip the switch and make your way back to the stacked drainage pipes when the sentry is looking the other way.

This is when things get tricky. You've probably been hearing those shots plinking not far away, that's a Super Mutant doing some late-night target practice. Unfortunately his firing range is only about ten feet from the only way into the train car with the Miller's bunker. 

Circle around the containers to the left of the drainage pipe towards the downed train car. Take a second to hide in the bushes just before the ramp up into the train car proper. It's a good idea to save right here just in case something goes wrong with the next step, because it can be a bit glitchy. The ramp leading up to the car proper is made of a couple of scrapped fridge doors, which was likely all the rage in Super Mutant Monthly, unfortunately you really can't walk up them while sneaking, and any hopping immediately sets the Super Mutant at target practice shooting.

The only way we found to circumvent these devilishly designed anti-sneaky-ninja doors is to time your movement just as the Super Mutant begins plinking, then carefully hug the left side of the ramp as close to the wall as possibly and hope you manage to hit the magic clipping area that'll allow you to walk up it. If that doesn't work it's time to make a hop, skip, and possibly a sprint into the container proper.

Once inside you can enter the hatch at your leisure.

The Loot

You've finally made it: the Miller family's bunker is chock full of useful salvage, and most importantly the Railway rifle is waiting for you on a table at one end of the shelter.

Don't forget the four railway spikes underneath the shelf the rifle is on, and if you're interested you can also nab the key to Big John's safe, which will help you circumvent a master lock if you ever swing through the Miller family house again.

Finally, make sure you turn off the Ham Radio and finally put Big John Miller and his family to rest.

The Escape

The final leg of your journey is actually a lot simpler than you would think. Once you have the Railway rifle head north towards the ruins of the supermarket, run up the small walkway and jump onto the awning to the right, then sprint for the hills as soon as your feet touch the ground. With any luck you'll be gone before the Super Mutants have a chance to fire a shot, otherwise you'll likely only catch a few stray rounds. Just remember to zig zag and scream vigorously to throw off their aim.