Fallout 4 goes to Miami in stunning new mod overhaul

Fallout: Miami is a fan overhaul mod for Fallout 4 that just released a new trailer showing off sunny, irradiated beaches, ghouls in pool floaties, and a cynical narrative voiceover that paints a picture of a post-nuclear Florida tearing itself to pieces.

The trailer looks fantastic and manages to deliver enough of a peek at a reimagined Fallout and a narrative hook to catch our attention. We’re cautiously optimistic, because mods are not always known for their quality quests and voice acting, but the trailer itself showcases a lot of potential for a near studio quality DLC.

The modders behind the project are promising a massive, brand new world space along with a set of fully fleshed out quests, side-quests, characters, and gear to go along with the Florida aesthetic. The Miami region will supposedly be comparable in size to Far Harbor, with a main quest and various side quests to match a full-scale expansion.

Similarly, the plan is for the release to exist as a stand-alone content pack for the main game, meaning that although you’ll still need all the available Fallout 4 DLC, you’ll be able to make your way to post-nuclear Miami without starting a new save.

The mod team behind Fallout: Miami hasn’t revealed an official release date yet, but they’re currently posting regular updates on their subreddit and their official blog if you’re interested in following along or potentially joining their team.