Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout: Tips and strategies on how to win that crown

Everyone is having fun with the new multiplayer battle royale game show Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. It’s a simple game. All you can do is run, jump, dive, and grab. However, hidden in these simple controls are some interesting mechanics that you can use to get the edge on your opponents. Here are some tips and tricks for people looking to grab the crown in Fall Guys.

You can grab other players for stability

If you are about to fall off a course, grab another player for stability. While you might drag them down with you, chances are you will actually be able to use them to right yourself, saving you at the last minute. The same goes for when you are getting knocked around by stage hazards. Nothing is more stable than another player.

You can grab onto ledges to pull yourself up

The grab function has a lot of uses aside from grabbing players and objects. You can, for example, grab onto ledges in order to pull yourself up. There’s a bit of timing to it, but it makes otherwise impossible jumps possible. Note, that not every ledge can be climbed, however. Trying to grab the ledge of a see-saw will spell your doom while trying to grab ledges in slime race will actually cut corners and get you to the end faster.

Grabbing counts as touching a checkpoint

This is nifty. Say you are jumping for a ledge with a checkpoint on it but it doesn’t look like you will make it. Many checkpoint ledges can’t be grabbed onto. However, hitting the grab button as if you were going to grab onto the ledge still counts as touching the ledge for the purposes of nabbing the checkpoint. This can actually allow you to abuse the spawn system. Jump at the checkpoint ledge, slap it with the grab button, and fall to your death. You’ll respawn at the other edge of the checkpoint ledge, warping ahead quite a bit further than you could have made it on foot. This is a very good tip for see-saws, where abusing this system can allow you to pull into an early lead.

Diving is your most forceful action

Do you need to knock someone out of the way? Dive into them. Need to knock a ball out of another player’s hand? Dive into them. Need to knock a soccer ball across the field? Dive into it. Diving is your most forceful action and can actually be considered a means of attack in certain gameplay styles.

Diving increases traction

Diving slows your character to a halt and forces them to get up. This actually has certain benefits. For example, if you would slide down a slope normally, diving might actually allow you to stand on the slope and regain your footing. Note, that this only works on rough surfaces. Slippery surfaces will actually cause you to slide a bit while diving.

Don’t be afraid to aggro

Sometimes the best defense is a good offense. Remember, this is an elimination game. If you can push an opponent into a hazard, especially in instant elimination courses like slime climb, then you will end up one step closer to securing your crown. This is especially important in more objective-based games. Sometimes it’s better to prevent your opponents from scoring a goal than to score a goal yourself. In short, be a jerk. It has its advantages.

You can actually use obstacles to propel you forward

Getting hit by an object will usually knock you around like a ragdoll, but remember that hazards can fling you further than you could ever move on your own. You can actually use this to your advantage. Use the momentum of moving platforms to make jumps. Get knocked across the stage by swinging pendulums. Cheating the stage itself is the best way to get an edge over your opponents and speedrun certain courses.

Follow the team

When you aren’t racing, the best bet is to follow what your team is doing. There is strength in numbers. Breaking off from a giant soccer ball just to grief the other team won’t do much if the other team has the full force of all their players behind their own ball. Similarly, picking up a single egg from an opponent’s goal doesn’t matter as much as following your team to block another team’s goal. In team games, one person cannot do much, but a whole team can secure victories.

That’s all the tips we have for you. Do you have any to share? Leave them in the comments.