The Evil Within 2 trailer spotlights a major villain

While The Evil Within 2 protagonist Sebastian Castellanos will have to deal with more than his fair share of supernatural threats as he searches for his daughter in the nightmare-fueled world of STEM, he’ll also have to confront more mundane though no less twisted human antagonists, one of whom is a sadistic photographer named Stefano Valentini.

The above story trailer focuses specifically on Valentini, a man who uses the horrific and grisly murders he commits as the subjects of his photographic skills. It would also seem that Valentini sees the latent power that lies dormant in Sebastian’s daughter (the details of which remain a mystery for now), a power which he will do anything to possess. Naturally Sebastian and Valentini will clash over this little difference in motivations, and something tells us Valentini will have a few more tricks up his sleeve than simply blinding Sebastian with a camera flash.

The Evil Within 2 is set to launch on October 13 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.