The Evil Within 2 gets a new gameplay trailer called ‘Survive’

Tango Gameworks has released a new trailer for The Evil Within 2 which focuses mainly on gameplay and the frightening new enemies protagonist Sebastian Castellanos will encounter in his quest to save his daughter.

The trailer, titled ‘Survive,’ shows that The Evil Within 2 will take a much more personal tone than its predecessor, focusing more on how Sebastian is haunted by the memories of his past, particularly the supposed death of his daughter, Lily. However, when Sebastian learns that Lily is actually alive and trapped in a nightmarish realm created by the villainous STEM organization, he’ll do whatever it takes to rescue her and, hopefully, redeem himself in the process.

The trailer does a good job of highlighting the various environments players will have to guide Sebastian through, as well as the nightmarish new monsters that will stand in his way. An accompanying press release also confirmed that those who pre-order The Evil Within 2 will receive the exclusive Last Chance Pack DLC, a cache of items that includes crafting supplies, healing items, and the Burst Handgun weapon, a weapon that can only be obtained via the Last Chance Pack.

The Evil Within 2 will launch on October 13 (Friday the 13th) for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.