The Elder Scrolls Legends digital card game enters closed beta

Roughly a year after it was originally unveiled at E3 2015, Bethesda’s foray into the digital card game scene, The Elder Scrolls: Legends (which is based within the publisher’s popular Elder Scrolls fiction), has finally moved forward into a closed beta state.

An initial wave of testers has already been invited to play the closed beta for Legends, and Bethesda says it will be inviting more testers over the coming months (you can register for the closed beta here). Legends operates in a very similar manner to other popular digital CCG’s like Hearthstone, with players constructing decks of creatures and spells before challenging opponents in a unique-looking setup involving two different lanes and a rune mechanic which allows players to draw free cards at critical moments.

You can see a gameplay overview of Legends via the below video. The Elder Scrolls: Legends does not yet have a set release window, but Bethesda says it is planning to release the game on both PC and iOS devices.