EA unveils 5v5 Battlefield 1 Incursions mode

EA and DICE announced a bunch of new features for Battlefield 1 during their gamescom 2017 press conference, most notably a new competitive mode that the developers said was designed to be as good to watch as it is to play.

If that sounds like an overture to e-sports fans in the audience, the reality seems to match up to that assumption, with two small teams of five players each beginning by coordinating their loadouts for strategic effect before going into battle on small maps.

There's a new scoring system that should be easier to read, and while there will be fewer vehicles, their impact should be much greater on smaller squads.

That wasn't it for Battlefield 1 announcements, because EA also showed footage of the second expansion pack, In The Name Of The Tsar, and announced that the first map of this Russian Revolution era content would be available immediately to Premium Pass owners.

If you've put off getting into Battlefield 1, EA also had something new to seduce you: Battlefield 1 Revolution, a new pack consisting of the base game and all the Premium Pass content now and in the future.

That will include the two expansions we knew about, plus two more - one due out in December and another in early 2018. There will also be substantial patches in October and November to keep the content flowing.

Star Wars: Battlefront II may feel like the more immediate priority for action fans this year, but EA and DICE will be hoping we all feel like renewing our acquaintance with last year's well-received multiplayer offering as well.