EA details how microtransactions will be handled in EA Sports UFC 3

While the storm has mostly passed by this point, the whole microtransactions debacle which Electronic Arts was forced to weather in the wake of Star Wars Battlefront II’s release is still likely fresh in the minds of many gamers, not to mention the minds of those working at EA. With that in mind, it’s probably of little surprise that the publisher took a little time to explain how microtransactions will be implemented in the upcoming EA Sports UFC 3.

Much like in EA Sports UFC 2, microtransactions will only be present in UFC 3’s Ultimate Team mode and not in its career mode or more basic online competitive modes. While Ultimate Team mode can involve fighting other players online, the randomized packs which can be bought using microtransactions (packs which contain new moves, stat boosts, and more) can also be bought using coins earned through both offline and online play, again, similar to UFC 2. Brian Hayes, the creative director for UFC 3, also explained how the upcoming game’s Ultimate Team mode will be more streamlined and robust than its UFC 2 incarnation:

"We overhauled the fighter customization UI so you have a much better view of what items your fighter has and how well those items fit together. It's a much more robust chemistry system. Another big change is that you can fight in Ultimate Team with licensed fighter avatars. In UFC 2, it was user-created fighters only. Now you can get something like a Connor McGregor card and you can upgrade him just as you would a created fighter. You can fight with the skin of a UFC fighter if you wanted to."

EA Sports UFC 3 is currently set to launch on February 3 for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.