Dying Light will get 10 free DLC packs over the next year

It feels like just yesterday Techland released Dying Light: The Following, and we all found ourselves drawn back into their ridiculously atmospheric world of parkour, zombies, and a murder buggy that would make Mad Max blush.

Now almost a year later, and two years since the original game introduced us to the ability to drop kick a zombie off a sixty story building, Techland has announced that they plan to continue to support the Dying Light community with 10 brand spanking new DLCs that will be offered for free over 12 months.

The Best Possible Supply Drop

According to Techland about half a million people still play Dying Light every week, even two years after release, and as a thank you to fans for their continued love and support, Techland’s releasing this new content to continue to improve and support the Dying Light experience as long as they can.

In the press release Techland stated, “Original content is already in the works and our fans can expect to face new challenging enemies, master new gameplay mechanics, solve more Harran mysteries, and even explore never-seen-before locations. This translates to ten pieces of DLC in the first twelve months of our continuous support - available free for all players, across all platforms.”

The first batch of content will arrive in the next few weeks with Content Pack #0, which will reportedly add several new enemies to the game. Shockingly, this pack doesn’t seem to be a part of the massive DLC campaign planned for the zombie murder simulator.

According to Techland, Content Pack #0 is “a taste of the new things coming to the game, before the “10 free DLCs in 12 months” campaign fully launches later this year.”

Furthermore, Techland plans to continue to provide gameplay improvements, balance tweaks, and community events moving forward, and will also be creating a dedicated community platform where fans can gather to discuss the title and interact directly with the developers to influence what content is created.

All in all, this translates to a hell of a lot more content to enjoy from a developer that seems to genuinely care about their community. Techland is putting boots on the ground to say that they want to make awesome content for people that love their game, and that post-game profits are less of a concern than seeing people have fun experiencing their world.

By all account it looks like fans of Dying Light are going to have their hands loaded down with content large and small. It’s definitely reason enough for us to return to Techland’s playground.

What do you think about Techland’s newest batch of DLC? Is it exactly how DLC should be handled? Should other developers take notice? Let us know in the comments below.