D.Va gets a Heroes of the Storm spotlight video as she joins the game’s test server

The latest playable hero to join Heroes of the Storm’s roster is Overwatch’s sassy mech pilot D.Va, and now Blizzard has both unveiled a new spotlight video for the former pro gamer and announced she is now playable in the Heroes of the Storm public test server.

As you can see in the below spotlight video, D.Va functions in much the same way as she does in Overwatch, utilizing both her Mech mode and Pilot mode to harass enemies with direct damage. While in Mech mode, she can also move around the battlefield quickly using her mech’s Boosters, weaken enemies with her Defense Matrix, and activate her Mech’s Self-Destruct to deal a high concentration of damage to nearby foes caught in the blast. D.Va also has one unique Heroic attack for each of her two modes. Her Mech mode Heroic, Bunny Hop, briefly turns her Mech into an unstoppable force that damages and slows all enemies it touches, while her Pilot mode Heroic, Big Shot, lets D.va fire a powerful blast from her pistol that damages all enemies in a line and significantly reduces the cooldown for calling a new Mech in.

If you want to give D.Va a try right now, you can do so by booting up Heroes of the Storm’s public test server. D.va’s inclusion on the test server means that she should be added to the game’s live version fairly soon. With the inclusion of D.va, Heroes of the Storm now boasts five different Overwatch characters thanks to the previous additions of Tracer, Zarya, Lucio, and Genji.