DOOM Eternal: Where to find all nine Runes in the campaign

Of all the various collectibles and upgrade currencies you can find throughout your playthrough of DOOM Eternal’s single-player campaign, Runes are among the most essential. Each Rune you find allows you to unlock one of nine different upgrades, all of which enhance your existing abilities and in some cases even grant new abilities. These Runes are scattered across the various destinations you’ll visit during your single-player ripping and tearing efforts, and in this guide we’ll show you where to find all nine of them.

A Quick Rune Primer

Whenever you find one of DOOM Eternal’s campaign Runes, you can unlock any of the nine available upgrades you want right from the get-go. This means you can immediately focus on the Rune upgrades that best align with your preferred playstyle at first before experimenting with other upgrades later on after you unlock them as well. Just note that you can only have three Rune-granted upgrades equipped at a time. Once you’ve unlocked more than three upgrades, you can manually choose which ones are active by bringing up the Runes tab in your equipment menu.

For reference, the nine upgrades you can unlock by finding Runes are as follows (remember, you can unlock these in any order you wish as long as you find enough runes):

  • Savagery – Speeds up the animations of your Glory Kills.

  • Blood Fueled – Grants a temporary movement speed boost after performing a Glory Kill.

  • Air Control – Allows for greater fine-tuned movement control while in the air.

  • Seek and Destroy – Glory Kills can be triggered from much greater distances.

  • Dazed and Confused – Staggered enemies remain in their staggered state for longer.

  • Equipment Fiend – Killing enemies with a piece of equipment (Frag Grenade, Ice Bomb, Flame Belch, etc.) will lower the cooldown for that equipment.

  • Punch and Reave – Gain health pickups by killing enemies with Blood Punch

  • Saving Throw – Time temporarily slows down when you’re hit by an attack that would normally kill you, allowing you to escape (this ability can only be triggered once per life but recharges if you die).

  • Chrono Strike – Manually slow down time by holding down the aim/weapon mod button (left trigger on Xbox One, L2 on PS4, etc.) while in the air (the ability has a limited amount of charge, but slowly recharges when not being used). 

Rune Locations

Rune Number 1

Location: Exultia

Shortly after gaining the Blood Punch ability, you’ll take an elevator. When you exit the elevator there will be a hole in the ground dead ahead of you. Drop down into the hole and navigate through the circular corridor of electric hazards to locate the Rune.  

Rune Number 2

Location: Cultist Base

Later on in the level, you’ll reach an outdoor snowy area where, after fighting some demons, you’ll have to use a monkey bar to swing into a glowing green room and trigger a switch. Activating the switch will raise the monkey bar, allowing you to swing back over to a wall you can grab onto. Climb to the top of the wall and look behind you to spot the Rune in the distance. You can reach the Rune by jumping and dashing over.

Rune Number 3

Location: Doom Hunter Base

Progress through the level as normal until you reach a point where you ride a series of platforms over a lake of lava. Soon afterwards you’ll head through a big door, and past that you’ll find a panel on your left you need to interact with. Triggering the panel will open up the way to the Rune.   

Rune Number 4

Location: Super Gore Nest

As you work through the level, you’ll reach a point where you have to navigate through a series of fiery suspended chains before turning to the right and grabbing onto a wall. Scale up the wall to find a Sentinel Battery and a green wall section you can break with a melee attack. Behind the broken wall is a staircase leading up to the Rune on your left.   

Rune Number 5

Location: Super Gore Nest

After placing the Yellow Gore Key at the central altar, head over to the room with the large chomping mouth in the center (it also has some monkey bars). Inside the room is a doorway with yellow markings that was previously locked. Proceed through the doorway and at the end of the hall you’ll be able to turn right to find a jump pad. Use the jump pad to reach an upper landing where the Rune awaits.   

Rune Number 6

Location: Arc Complex

A little ways into the stage, you’ll find yourself inside a building that’s on fire. Kill any nearby demons and then look for a hole in the floor you can drop through. You’ll land in a burning hallway, at the end of which is the Rune.   

Rune Number 7

Location: Arc Complex

Once you’ve activated the late-stage elevator and taken it down, enter the new room and fight the demons after the floor falls through. When the demons are dead, hop back up using the rubble cube and proceed through the hole in the wall, noting the Praetor Suit Point that’s to your right as you enter. Keep going down the corridor until the floor breaks again as you’re approaching a door. Jump over the rubble to reach the Rune in the lower passage.

Rune Number 8

Location: Mars Core

Proceed through the level as normal until you reach a point where you have to hop up onto a large server platform and pass through some vents. You’ll break through a couple vent covers and eventually drop down into a demon-filled room which also contains a Union Aerospace teleporter. Use the teleporter, kill the demons, and then head through the large double doors to your right to find the Rune.     

Rune Number 9

Location: Mars Core

After you trigger the manual override, turn around and head through the previously locked door on your left. Keep going forward and you’ll eventually pass through another set of doors with the Rune dead ahead of you.

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