The Division 2: How to find and use Dark Zone Keys, Ivory Keys, and Faction Keys

Much like its predecessor, The Division 2 layers several RPG-esque collection mechanics onto its tactical shooter gameplay. Most of these mechanics are straightforward and easy to understand, but some are a little more opaque in their implementation. The various key types players can find are a good example of the latter.

There are a surprisingly large number of different keys players can find during their Division 2 expeditions, but the game doesn’t try very hard to explain what exactly those keys are used for. In this guide we’ll list all of The Division 2’s key types and, more importantly, how they can be used to find and/or unlock new gear.

Hyena/True Son/Outcast Keys

As you’re exploring The Division 2’s post-crisis version of Washington D.C., you may come across specially-marked boxes which require an equally specific faction key to open. These boxes and their associated keys are each aligned with one of the game’s three enemy factions: the Outcasts, True Sons, and Hyenas.

You might think that finding a specific faction’s keys requires killing powerful foes from that faction or completing difficult missions involving that faction, but you’d be wrong on both accounts. Oddly enough, finding faction keys doesn’t require interacting with the three factions at all. The only thing that’s required is a trip underground (that and a little patience).

Peppered throughout The Division 2’s overworld are underground tunnels which can be accessed via open manhole covers and hatches. Once you’re inside one such tunnel, keep an eye out for wall-mounted white cabinets you can interact with. When you open such a cabinet, you’ll find a random faction key for one of the three factions.

Unfortunately this means you have to “farm” the keys for a bit if you want to build up a stockpile for all three factions. Unlocking the ‘Detection’ perk can help since it allows you to spot interactive loot containers (including faction key cabinets) from a distance by resupplying a friendly Control Point.

Also, if you can, try to avoid opening faction boxes until you reach The Division 2’s endgame. The gear you find in faction boxes is tailored to your level so the longer you wait the better gear you’ll find when you finally do open them.

Dark Zone Keys

Some of The Division 2’s best loot can be found in its three sprawling Dark Zone areas. Of course, as any dedicated Division fan knows, finding Dark Zone loot and successfully extracting it are two very different things. The best Dark Zone loot also isn’t found out in the open, but is instead locked inside special Dark Zone Chests which require Dark Zone Keys to open.

The good news is that there are multiple ways through which you can get your hands on Dark Zone Keys. The bad news is that almost all of those ways require direct combat with the Dark Zone’s dangerous denizens. If you encounter an elite enemy patrol in the Dark Zone, the patrol’s named leader (the one with the yellow health bar) has a chance of dropping a Dark Zone Key when killed.

Players also drop any held Dark Zone Keys upon death, which means that ambushing and killing your fellow agents is another viable strategy. Just know that the PvP route is also a much riskier option since constantly attacking other players also makes you a big zone-wide target. We’d recommend only going down the PvP route if you’ve got some friends backing you up.

If you’re a consistent Dark Zone player, you can also eventually unlock the ‘Keymaster’ tier six Dark Zone perk by reaching Dark Zone level 25. With the Keymaster perk unlocked you have a 25 percent chance of finding a Dark Zone Key in any Dark Zone container you loot.

Ivory Keys

While exploring the White House Base of Operations, it’s possible you came across a large locked chest which requires something called Ivory Keys to open. Again, The Division 2 never explains what Ivory Keys are or how to find them, it’s something which players must find out on their own.

Thankfully, all the legwork of figuring out how to find Ivory Keys has already been done. It turns out Ivory Keys are dropped by the same elite Hunter enemies who also drop their unique masks when killed. In fact, if you followed along our Hunter masks guide, chances are you might already have an Ivory Key or two in your possession.

While a Hunter is guaranteed to drop their mask upon death, there is no such guarantee for the Ivory Keys. Worse, you can only kill a respective Hunter once before they’re gone forever. There are 12 Hunters in total and you only need eight Ivory Keys for the chest, so the odds are slightly in your favor. If, however, you still don’t have eight keys after killing the Hunters, all hope is not lost.

If you matchmake with a friend and enter their world instance, you can help them kill their respective Hunters and thus earn more shots at finding Ivory Keys. Once you finally unlock the Ivory Key chest, you’ll find a random High-End weapon along with a unique Hunter’s Axe backpack trophy and pure white weapon skin.