The Division’s Survival expansion gets a new trailer

The Division’s second expansion, Survival, is available now on the game’s public test server for PC players who own the game’s season pass (its full public release on PC and consoles is expected later this year) and Ubisoft is commemorating its test realm release with a new trailer.

In Survival, players must venture into a new gameplay scenario which covers the entire game map in a snowstorm and forces them to contend with elements like thirst, hunger, disease, and more. The ultimate objective is to make it to the center of the map, secure precious medical supplies, and extract. However, as the above trailer shows, hunger and disease won’t be the only hazards players have to contend with….

A release date for Survival hasn’t yet been announced since Ubisoft wants the test version to be in a solid state before it even considers releasing the expansion to the general public. Survival is the second of three planned expansions for The Division. The third expansion, titled Last Stand, will arrive sometime next year.