Disintegration: The best multiplayer crews for new players

While V1 Interactive’s new FPS/RTS hybrid game Disintegration doesn’t quite hold up as a complete package, it still offers a fair amount of long-term value thanks to its competitive multiplayer component. Disintegration’s multiplayer stands out because it both embraces the frenetic chaos of close-quarters FPS combat and also gives more strategy-minded players a chance to shine through proper squadmate management and objective-based play.

Another point in Disintegration’s favor is that its multiplayer is also well-balanced since every player has immediate access to all nine of the game’s multiplayer crews and can freely switch between those crews when respawning during a match. Each of these nine crews has its own aesthetic, performance stats, gravcycle loadout, and squadmate composition, which means they’re each well-suited for specific playstyles and/or game modes. In this guide, we’ll go over some of the best multiplayer crews not only for new players but also for specific game modes.

Best Crews for New Players

Brand new Disintegration players have a few options to consider when picking their very first multiplayer crew. Obviously, if there’s a crew whose aesthetic appeals to you and whose unique weapon loadout and squadmate composition you don’t mind using, by all means, go with them. If, however, performance means more to you than looks, you should think carefully about your preferred playstyle and pick a crew accordingly.

Do you prefer playing as more tanky characters who can effectively defend objectives and weather coordinated enemy assaults? If so you might want to look into the King’s Guard, Warhedz, or The Militia crews. The King’s Guard is an especially good new player choice since they can pick off enemies from afar using their Javelin Launcher weapon and they can heal both themselves and their allies by deploying their AoE healing Nano Emitter.

Those who prefer all-out speed so they can more easily rush objectives and flank unsuspecting enemies should consider The Sideshows, Lost Ronin, and The Business crews. The Business is a good all-around crew that can outgun enemies at both close and medium distances thanks to their dual weapon loadout of HV-Rifles and VAR-TAC Shotguns. The Lost Ronin, meanwhile, is a smidge more advanced than The Business, but their squadmate Concussion Grenades, three-round burst Spitfire Cannons, and Yumi Rocket barrages make them deadly in a fight and even deadlier when they catch their opponent unawares.

Lastly, players who are confident in their twitch reflexes and their ability to outmaneuver the opposition can take the Neon Dreams, Tech Noir, and Muertos crews for a spin. Of those three, the Tech Noir crew is the most newbie-friendly since they shine when placed in a support position where they can hang back and control the battlefield using their Slow Field and Disrupt Droid squadmate abilities along with their NG-6 Marksman Cannon. The Tech Noir crew’s auxiliary weapon, the NRD Repair Launcher, also heals their squadmates and lowers the ability cooldowns, allowing them to keep up the pressure even after the enemy’s resources are exhausted.

If you have the time and the inclination, mastering several different multiplayer crews will give you a definite edge, especially if there’s a particular game mode you favor. We’ll now look at some of the best crews you can choose when playing a specific multiplayer mode in Disintegration.    

Best Crews for Zone Control

As we noted above, players who prefer to hang back and defend captured objectives are usually better off going with a tankier crew like the King’s Guard or The Militia. However, The Sideshows crew isn’t a bad pick either. As their name and aesthetic undoubtedly telegraph, The Sideshows specialize in trickery and traps, and this playstyle is further bolstered by their ability to lay down Sticky Grenades which function as remote timed explosives. Clever players can combine The Sideshows’ Disrupt Droid, Slow Field, and Blast Wave squadmate abilities with well-placed Sticky Grenades to deadly effect.

On the flip side, Zone Control players who’d rather stay on the offensive by pressuring defenders and capturing objectives should look at crews such as the Lost Ronin, Neon Dreams, The Business, and Muertos. Neon Dreams and Muertos are both especially good objective rushers. Neon Dreams can use their Ion Disruptor to stun and weaken enemies before going in for the kill with their Dual MK-64 light machine guns and Seeker Rockets squadmate ability. Muertos, meanwhile, can easily clear contested points with their Ground Slam and Mortar Strike abilities, and their Sentry Beacon allows them to call in reinforcements once the enemy has been softened up a bit.

Best Crews for Collector

Pretty much every crew can be effective in the Collector game mode, so again you should think more about your preferred playstyle and choose accordingly. Faster and more nimble crews like the Lost Ronin, The Sideshows, and Neon Dreams can help win larger engagements and then zip in to collect the enemy’s fallen brain cans. Tanky crews like Warhedz and King’s Guard, while slow, are handy for supporting their less durable teammates and also guarding the designated brain can supply points.

Regardless of your crew’s individual performance stats, staying alive is always a high priority when playing Control. Dying less means less opportunities for the enemy team to collect your brain can, so whether it’s through speed and maneuverability or tankiness and healing, make sure you’re watching out for yourself and not overextending.   

Best Crews for Retrieval

When you’re on the attacking team in Retrieval, you should be thinking less about your gravcycle’s durability and more about the durability of your crew’s squadmates since they’re the ones who will be transporting the cores. Therefore, any crew with a Tank or Rhino squadmate on its roster (The Militia, Warhedz, Muertos, The Sideshows) is a good pick if you plan on being a core runner. King’s Guard and Tech Noir also aren’t bad choices since they can heal squadmates and directly engage defenders while pushing towards the capture point.

As for the defending team, the name of the game is focusing down the attackers through superior firepower and disruption tactics. If you want to go for all-out damage, consider crews like Warhedz and Lost Ronin. If your team already has a few damage dealers, you can give them easier targets to hit by harassing enemy ground units with Neon Dream’s Ion Disruptor and Concussion Grenades. The King’s Guard crew is also handy not only for healing allies but also picking off exposed core runners since their Javelin Launcher slows any enemy it hits.

Other defender crews to consider include the Muertos and The Militia. The Muertos can overwhelm small groups of attackers using sentries summoned from their Sentry Beacon, and The Militia can keep constant pressure on advancing attacker units with their Deployable Turret as well as their double Proximity Mine and Ground Slam squadmate abilities.

No matter which game modes you end up gravitating towards, merely playing Disintegration’s multiplayer will help you better understand which crews gel with your preferred engagement strategy. If you’re prioritizing crews that are min-maxed for a particular mode or team composition, good on you. However, don’t be afraid to also stick with crews you find personally appealing. Disintegration is still a game, after all, and therefore the top goal is always to have fun.

Disintegration launches on June 16 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.