Dishonored 2 video shows how to kill one NPC in 80 different ways

YouTuber Cosmic Contrarian is known for their epic kill videos from the original Dishonored and it’s probably not too surprising to hear they have returned for Dishonored 2. One of Cosmic Contrarian’s more popular Dishonored 2 videos shows how the player can kill one of the game’s more infamous NPC’s in not just one way, but 80.

The video focuses on the Clockwork Mansion level from Dishonored 2, a level the player finds themselves in about halfway through the game’s story campaign. The main goal of the level is to find and deal with the villainous inventor Kirin Jindosh, and naturally one of the key ways you can “deal with” him is by snuffing out his life forever. Sure, there are non-lethal ways of making sure Jindosh’s plans are put on permanent hold, but after you make your way through his labyrinthine mansion and deal with his nigh unkillable clockwork soldiers, you probably won’t be in a merciful mood.

If simply sneaking up and slitting Jindosh’s throat feels a little too anticlimactic for your tastes, you can watch Cosmic Contrarian’s video for inspiration, a video in which they show 80 different ways in which you can violently dispatch Jindosh. Some of those 80 ways are simply slight variations of each other, but it’s still a fun video to watch if you’re at all curious about how much lethal creativity even one Dishonored 2 target can provide.