Discounts on Newsync monitors, ATX Gaming cases, MSI laptops, and more

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your gaming rig, replace it entirely, enhance your gaming console, or just need a few accessories, Newegg’s got weekly deals for every purpose. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best deals this week; and we’ll keep an eye out for even more, so check back often! As always, deals posts like these feature products selected by our writers that they believe will be of interest to the GameCrate audience. These posts do not influence other content we produce. GameCrate is owned by and prices may change without notice. Now let’s start saving money!

Bestand S2 Dual Monitor Arm Mount - $49.99

Any real PC gamer understands that one monitor typically isn’t enough for modern gaming needs. A second monitor will help display walkthroughs, livestream chat, or the preview from video capture software. That’s where a dual monitor arm mount comes in very handy, and Bestand is offering a wonderful solution with excellent performance options. This S2 model is VESA compliant for both 100mm and 75mm and will accommodate most monitor shapes. The arms elevate and maneuver easily to allow for portrait or landscape orientation on the fly. And discreet cable management keeps your desk clutter-free. Add this mount to your desktop today and save 75% today!

NEWSYNC 24-inch IPS Full HD 1080p LED 75Hz Gaming Monitor - $139.99

If you need monitors to mount on your new dual monitor arm, then you can’t go wrong with two 24-inch gaming monitors from NEWSYNC. These FHD displays offer 75Hz refresh rates as well as several performance features, like AMD FreeSync, optimized game modes, and an on-screen crosshair. Inputs include HDMI and DisplayPort, so compatibility with your video card shouldn’t be a problem. You’ll also appreciate the 178-degree viewing angles when you’re showing off a game to a friend. Save 50% today when you add these monitors to your setup.

NEWSYNC 32-inch Curved Real 165Hz QHD 1440p LED Gaming Monitor - $349.99

The one exception to the two-monitor rule is when you have one really big monitor. This 32-inch model from NEWSYNC might be big enough to get away with single-monitor gaming. With its QHD resolution, your visuals will look clear and crisp even on such a big display. And the fast 165Hz refresh rate and 3ms response time will make sure that your experience isn’t ruined by ghosting or screen tearing. For a truly immersive experience, you’ll appreciate the curved display as it envelopes you into your game. Best of all, this monitor has all of the gaming features of its smaller cousin, like AMD FreeSync, optimized gaming modes, and an on-screen crosshair. Own it today and save 42%!

Antec NX Series NX1000, Mid-Tower ATX Gaming Case - $49.99 (with MIR)

The NX1000 mid-tower gaming case provides everything a PC builder needs. You’ll get USB 3.0 connectivity, ample storage drive bays, room for expansion and one RGB LED fan in the rear. With support for up to a 360mm liquid-cooling radiator in front and a 280mm radiator on top, Antec's NX1000 is easy to build with and easy to cool. As a nice touch, Antec provides a cable cover to secure the motherboard cable to keep everything tidy inside your system. At 44% off, this gaming PC case is a great deal.

Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-05 Mid Tower ATX Gaming Case - $44.99 (with MIR)

You can’t go wrong with Corsair’s Carbide Series SPEC-05 case. This elegant mid tower solution offers an understated exterior design but with a little flair on the front panel. The large acrylic window will make showcasing your latest graphics card easy, and the expansive internal space gives you plenty of room to mount up to five 120mm fans. There’s also room for up to three HDDs and two SSDs. Give your gaming rig the facelift it needs and save 36%.

MSI Alpha Series ALPHA 15 A3DD-003 15.6" 120Hz IPS AMD Ryzen 7 Gaming Laptop - $759 (with MIR)

AMD gaming has made great strides recently in the mobile gaming space, and the market is seeing more Ryzen-powered laptops being offered. The ALPHA 15 by MSI is a worthy contender in this arena, offering an AMD Ryzen 7 3750H processor (four cores, eight threads) and AMD Radeon RX graphics chip. A 15.6" IPS-level display brings games and movies to vivid life with FHD resolution, while FreeSync technology enables smooth gameplay without tearing or stuttering. Large speakers are incorporated for loud, dynamic sound to match brilliant visuals. If you haven’t explored AMD gaming yet, then now is great time to do so while saving 24%.

MSI GP Series GP65 Leopard 9SF-240 15.6" 144Hz IPS Intel Core i7 Gaming Laptop - $1329 (with MIR)

Of course, MSI also offers Intel-powered gaming laptops with Nvidia RTX chips under the hood. Models like the GP65 are undeniable performers, with a Core i7 9th gen CPU and an RTX 2070. Running modern games on the go will be no challenge whatsoever. Despite having a smaller chassis, the GP65 manages to fit a 15.6” screen because of smaller bezels, giving you more screen real estate without adding more weight. Finally, per-key RGB lighting lets you customize your gaming experience. You can save 22% by picking up this gaming laptop now!

EVGA GeForce RTX 2060 XC Graphics Card - $299.99 (with MIR and Promocode)

Small form factor PC builds are always a challenge for gamers because they have to balance performance with physical realities. Cramming a full-size video card into a small computer case might result in overheating issues if the card will fit at all. Fortunately, EVGA offers an elegant solution. This RTX 2060 is much shorter than traditional video cards, but it’s also wider, allowing for a thicker heatsink. Despite the different dimensions, you’ll still enjoy the same performance as traditional-sized cards, with a boost clock of 1755Mhz, 1920 CUDA Cores, and 6GB of GDDR6. Build your next SFF gaming rig today with this video card and save 21%.