Deus Ex: Mankind Divided gets more story DLC in February

Square Enix has announced that an additional DLC story mission for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided will arrive next month, allowing players to once again step into the cybernetically augmented boots of protagonist Adam Jensen.

According to this new blog post on the Deus Ex website, the second story DLC is titled A Criminal Past and it actually serves as a prequel adventure set before the events of the main Mankind Divided campaign. In A Criminal Past, Jensen is sent to a high-security prison in Arizona which was specifically designed to hold augmented criminals. As part of his very first mission for the organization TF29, Jensen must track down and locate a fellow agent who was also sent to the prison to retrieve some sensitive information before they apparently went missing.

A Criminal Past will launch on February 23 for all platforms (PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Those who own the Deus Ex: Mankind Divided season pass will get A Criminal Past for free. A standalone price for the upcoming DLC hasn’t yet been announced but since the game’s first story DLC, System Rift, cost $12, expect A Criminal Past to be somewhere around that price point.