Destruction AllStars: How to win the derby and other tips

Destruction AllStars is a peculiar fusion of vehicular combat and competitive team multiplayer, one that we haven’t seen anything like before. You might want to just get into the arena and race at the competition full speed, but head in reckless and you’ll end up being wrecked. Follow these tips and you’ll be able to strategically smash your way to victory.

Remember, brakes exist

We know, we know. You want to spend most of the match going full throttle. However, brakes are actually a very important part of car combat. Sometimes it’s more effective to slam on the breaks and sideswipe an enemy that passes you than to play a cat and mouse game for ages. You can also brake, eject, let the opponent hit your now driverless car, and land on their car for an opportune carjacking.

Fill a team role

Destruction AllStars is fundamentally a team-based game. As such, you should always be looking for a role to fill. If you are playing stockpile and no one is guarding your banks, don’t go out there all kill-crazy, play defense! If your opponents are getting better cars than you, consider spending time as a carjacker rather than a driver. If your team just isn’t building up to their breaker abilities, hunt for pickups to even the score. Make good use of the PS5’s built-in microphone to coordinate with your team and figure out where you are needed. While this seems like a mindless destruction derby game, it’s anything but.

Cars have a rock/paper/scissors dynamic

There are three basic types of cars, lightweights, middleweights, and heavyweights, and they interact with each other in a rock/paper/scissors dynamic. Lightweight cars have high damage, high speed, and high maneuverability but can’t take a hit. They are great at taking down middleweight cars which might hit harder but can’t keep up with them. Middleweights are your jack-of-all-trades car, not great and not poor in any area. They pack a bigger punch than lightweights and thus are good at taking down heavyweight tanks. Heavyweights are slow, clunky, and hard to maneuver, but also hard to kill. They might not be able to catch up to lightweights, but lightweight assaults will bounce right off them, allowing them to attack right back. Remember, your hero vehicles also belong to one of these weight classes. It’s also worth noting that these weight classes aren’t strictly defined and you will find cars that run the spectrum from light to heavy and everywhere in between.

Cars are also disposable

Don’t get attached to your car. The whole point of this game is that cars are disposable. It’s much better to abandon even the best car in the game than to let it get wrecked with you inside it. Even hero vehicles are better off abandoned when low on health. It’s far better to swap out and start building up to another vehicle summon than to ride out a hero vehicle to the bitter end. Don’t get attached to cars, even in modes like Carnado where cars earn you points. A living driver is always better than a dead one.

When on foot, stick to the high ground

The biggest weakness of cars? Cars can’t jump. As such, the safest place to be while on foot is high up. Start treating the game like a platformer. Run from platform to platform, picking up collectibles, and avoiding the ground like it’s lava. You’ll stay relatively safe and build up your breakers at the same time since breaker pick-ups tend to be situated in high places. You can also take your time for an Assassin’s Creed style strike, leaping from a high platform and landing on your victim… except this time your victim is a car.

The arena is a powerful weapon

Use the environment to your advantage. The arena itself can be a better weapon than any car. Say you are being pursued by a hyper-aggressive driver in a lightweight vehicle. Play chicken with him. Head toward a wall and veer off at the last moment, maybe even drifting with the handbrake. They won’t have time to react and will slam into the wall, totaling themselves! You can use similar maneuvers to get people to wreck their own cars in Carnado by turning them in too early.

Save your breakers for coordinated strikes

It’s best to treat breakers as FPS style “ultimate” abilities. Using them with no thought will just get you killed. Instead, save up your breakers and your special car summons for when you can use them in a coordinated team effort. They can easily catapult your team to an overwhelming lead.

Spend time labbing it out

Destruction AllStars actually has a fairly comprehensive practice mode. Instead of just hopping into multiplayer games with no idea what you are doing, consider taking it to the lab. Practice with your favorite characters and master their breakers before heading into an official match. You will be happy you did.