Destiny 2 Shadowkeep: How to get the Riskrunner Exotic SMG

Destiny 2’s newly launched Shadowkeep expansion has no shortage of rewards for players to work towards, one of which happens to be a familiar Exotic weapon: the ‘Riskrunner’ SMG. This technically isn’t Riskrunner’s first time showing up in Destiny 2, but if you missed out on it the first time around, a new Shadowkeep quest called Pain and Gain offers a guaranteed method for obtaining the Arc-infused weapon.

In this guide, we’ll explain how you can acquire the Pain and Gain quest along with all the steps you need to complete to add Shadowkeep’s version of Riskrunner to your arsenal.

Obtaining the Pain and Gain Quest

Before you can start paining and gaining for Riskrunner, you’ll first need to complete the Shadowkeep expansion’s opening story quest. This quest automatically begins the first time you head to the new Moon destination, so don’t worry about having to find your way around the destination’s corresponding patrol zone. With the opening quest finished, zip on over to the Tower and speak to Banshee-44 to begin the Pain and Gain quest.

Activity Monitor

The Pain and Gain quest has three surprisingly straightforward steps, all of which can be completed right away, no need to advance Shadowkeep’s story at all. The three specific tasks are as follows:

  • Complete any Lost Sector in the EDZ
  • Successfully finish a Heroic Public Event
  • Finish a Nightfall Strike

Normally, the step involving the Nightfall Strike would be a bit of a pain since Nightfalls previously didn’t support matchmaking and thus required you to manually recruit two other people. One of Shadowkeep’s new features, however, is a tiered Nightfall difficulty system, with the two easiest difficulties both supporting matchmaking. Just finish the new Nightfall: The Ordeal Strike on the ‘Adept’ (750 Power) difficulty and you’ll be golden.


With all three quest steps complete, you’ll then be directed over to the EDZ with a new quest called ‘Risk/Reward.’ The quest kicks off right from its Director map node so there’s no need to manually spawn into the EDZ and travel to a specific start point.

When the quest begins you’ll be dropped into an area of the EDZ’s Cosmodrome which should look familiar if you played the original Destiny. You’ll spawn into the middle of an outdoor firefight involving Fallen forces and a large Walker tank. Your first goal is to eliminate three Fallen Walker Captains that spawn around the area. You might need to kill the Walker tank once or twice to get additional captains to spawn, though there should be other Guardians around helping as well.

Once the three captains are dead you’ll be led via waypoint into the bowels of the Cosmodrome (again, bringing up serious nostalgia pangs if you’re a Destiny vet) where you’ll need to complete a jumping puzzle. Just follow the waypoints and pay close attention to your surroundings and the puzzle shouldn’t give you much trouble. At the top of the puzzle you’ll locate an object on a table which just so happens to be the Riskrunner Exotic SMG.

Catalytic Conversion

After you’ve obtained Riskrunner, the quest isn’t quite done. A passageway will open up, leading you down into a pitched battle against a group of Fallen raiders where you can try your newly-acquired Exotic SMG and its unique Arc Conductor perk out. Defeat the raiders and you’ll finish the quest, earning Riskrunner’s Catalyst for your efforts. Finishing the Catalyst’s objectives requires grinding out a serious number of kills, but the significant range boost it offers is well worth the added effort.

Whether you go for the Catalyst or not, enjoy your spiffy new Riskrunner Exotic SMG!