Destiny 2 Shadowkeep: How to get the Divinity Exotic Trace Rifle

Destiny 2’s Shadowkeep expansion has added a few new and noteworthy Exotic weapons to the game’s loot pool, including the Void bomb-firing Deathbringer Rocket Launcher and a revamped version of the Arc-infused Riskrunner SMG. Perhaps one of the expansion’s most coveted new Exotic firearms, though, is a powerful Trace Rifle called Divinity.

Similar to previous Exotics like One Thousand Voices, Divinity can only be earned by participating in one of Destiny 2’s six-player raid activities. In this case, the raid in question is the Shadowkeep expansion’s new Vex-themed raid Garden of Salvation. However, unlike One Thousand Voices, Divinity isn’t a random drop players have to cross their fingers for. There is a long and intricate quest that leads to a guaranteed Divinity drop, a quest which actually involves doing a lot of prep work outside of the Garden of Salvation raid first.

If you want to add Divinity to your Exotic weapon arsenal, we’ve detailed the full process below.

The Lunar Battlegrounds

To kick off the Divinity quest, you’ll first need to travel to the Moon’s Lunar Battlegrounds area. For reference, the Lunar Battlegrounds is the large open area where you first dropped in during the Shadowkeep story campaign’s very first mission. If you can’t remember how to get back to the Lunar Battlegrounds, just spawn in at the Sorrow’s Harbor spawn point in the Moon patrol zone and take the southeastern exit out of Sorrow’s Harbor. You’ll cross a small bridge and head through a passageway that takes you right into the Lunar Battlegrounds.

Once you reach the area where you first began your assault on the Scarlet Keep during the introductory story mission (i.e. the area outside the keep where you had to activate six altars), turn to your left and look for a large cave opening you can venture into (as seen in the above screenshot). Head inside the cave and through some passageways to reach a large Vex gate.

When you approach the gate, waves of Vex enemies will start spawning in. Dispatch them in any manner you please until a Vex Gate Lord named ‘Zeteon, Redemptive Mind’ spawns. Take Zeteon down and you’ll receive a quest item called ‘What’s this…What’s this?’

Nessus Lost Sectors

The quest item you receive is actually a Vex core that needs to be decrypted. To decrypt the core, you need to jaunt over to Nessus and find Vex Oracles which are hidden in three different Lost Sectors on the planet: The Orrery (located in Artifact’s Edge), Ancient’s Haunt (in the Tangle), and The Conflux (in the Cistern). We’ve outlined where to find each hidden Vex Oracle below.

  • The Orrery: When you reach the stairs leading up to the Lost Sector’s boss, look to your left to spot a small hole in the wall you can jump up to. Head through the hole to find the Oracle.
  • Ancient’s Haunt: As you’re proceeding through the Lost Sector, there’s a point where the passageway curves around to the right. When you reach this point, turn to your left to find an alcove containing the Oracle.
  • The Conflux: Work through the Lost Sector until you start encountering Cabal enemies. At this point, look up to your right to spot yet another side passage you can slip through to find the Oracle.

In all three cases, triggering the Oracle will spawn a few Vex enemies you have to defeat. Take them down and then trigger the Oracle again to advance the quest.

Vex Slaying

After you’ve activated all three Oracles, the next quest step, labeled ‘Defragmentation,’ tasks you with gathering 120 Decryption Core Fragments which drop from defeated Vex on the Moon. The best way to quickly finish up this quest step is to just head into the new Vex Offensive activity since Vex defeated there count for the quest.

Gather Phantasmal Fragments

With the requisite Decryption Core Fragments in hand, you’ll be sent over to the Lectern of Enchantment near Eris Morn where you’ll need 30 Phantasmal Fragments to further charge the Vex core. If you need more Phantasmal Fragments, you can purchase them directly from the Lectern using Helium Filaments. Phantasmal Fragments also have a chance of dropping from defeated Nightmare enemies so now’s a great time to hit up some Nightmare Hunts if you have any other Nightmare-related bounties or challenge milestones you’re working on.

When you redeem the 30 Phantasmal Fragments you’ll receive the ‘Empowered Decryption Core.’ Now, at long last, it’s finally time to enter the Garden of Salvation raid for the last series of tasks that lead to Divinity.

Garden of Salvation Puzzles

Unfortunately, while this is technically the last group of tasks needed for the Divinity Exotic quest, it’s by no means a quick or easy series of tasks to complete. You need to find and finish seven different “tether puzzles” spread throughout the Garden of Salvation raid, and solving each puzzle requires a decent amount of communication, coordination, and patience.

In fact, the solutions for each puzzle are so intricate that it’s better to show them in a visual format rather than try to explain them through text. We’ve embedded a video below from Destiny YouTuber Datto which shows all seven raid puzzle solutions (the solutions themselves start at about the 3:12 mark of the video).

When you finish the final puzzle, you’ll know you’ve done everything correctly if a message saying ‘Security has been disabled’ pops up on your HUD. Now all you have to do is defeat the Garden of Salvation raid’s final boss, the Sanctified Mind, and open the reward chest to claim your very own Divinity Exotic Trace Rifle.

Divine Judgment

Divinity’s sustained beam inflicts Arc damage, and similar to the Deathbringer Exotic Rocket Launcher, the weapon has two unique perks that work in tandem: Judgment and Penance.

The Judgment perk makes it so that dealing continuous damage to a single target creates a field that both interrupts their attacks and increases the amount of damage they take from all sources. If a player keeps their Divinity weapon’s beam on a single target for long enough, the Penance perk kicks in, causing the target to take a powerful burst of direct damage. These two perks essentially mean Divinity is an excellent weapon for any activity where you’re facing a large singular target like a Strike (or raid) boss or a Primeval in Gambit.

No matter what you use your Divinity Exotic Trace Rifle for, be sure to revel in the moment since you put in some serious work to get it.