Destiny 2 Shadowkeep: How to get the Deathbringer Exotic Rocket Launcher

Destiny 2’s recently launched Shadowkeep expansion just wouldn’t be a proper expansion without a few new Exotics for players to unlock. We already covered how to earn the expansion’s newly revamped Riskrunner Exotic SMG, but if you’re hankering for a more original Exotic weapon, by all means read on.

In this guide we’ll explain the entire process for unlocking Shadowkeep’s brand new Deathbringer Exotic Rocket Launcher. Not only does Deathbringer look really freaking cool, it also has some unique functionality that makes it a proper Exotic in both name and performance.

Memory of Sai Morta

If you haven’t already finished up Shadowkeep’s new Moon-based story campaign, go ahead and do that first. When you speak to Eris Morn after completing the campaign, she’ll hand over a mysterious glowing green ball called the Memory of Sai Morta. The Memory of Sai Morta tasks you with finishing Eris Morn’s ‘Lunar Spelunker’ bounty which in turn tasks you with finishing three specific Lost Sectors on the Moon. The three Lost Sectors in question are as follows:

  • K1 Communion in Anchor of Light (recommended power level of 860)
  • K1 Logistics in Archer’s Line (recommended power level of 870)
  • K1 Crew Quarters in Anchor of Light (recommended power level of 880)

With all three of the above Lost Sectors finished, you’ll receive a Firewall Data Fragment item. You’ll then need to take the Firewall Data Fragment over to the Moon’s fourth and final Lost Sector: K1 Revelation in Sorrow’s Harbor (recommended power level of 890).

After defeating K1 Revelation’s final Nightmare Ogre boss and opening the Lost Sector chest, look slightly up and to the right to spot a tunnel you can enter (as per the above screenshot). Inside the tunnel you’ll find a locked door which can be opened using the Firewall Data Fragment, and behind the door is a usable console that will advance the quest.

Assembling Sai Mota’s Necklace

Your next task involves reassembling Sai Mota’s Necklace. The necklace has been broken into 20 pieces, and gathering the pieces involves defeating Nightmare enemies on the Moon using Arc abilities. Thankfully, you can complete this step rather quickly either by heading over to Sorrow’s Harbor or participating in Nightmare Hunt missions. Each Nightmare you defeat with an Arc ability drops two necklace pieces, and once you’ve gathered 20 you’ll be prompted to visit Eris Morn who’s now located through the portal near her usual spot.

Hunt for the Deathbringer

Giving Eris Morn the assembled Sai Mota’s Necklace kicks off the ‘Symphony of Death’ quest, and your first goal will be to reach the Circle of Bones area beneath the Moon’s surface. If you don’t already know how to reach the Circle of Bones, our in-depth Essence weapons guide explains the process in more detail.

When you reach the Circle of Bones, a mission flag will allow you to begin the ‘Faculty of the Skull’ mission which takes you straight down into the Summoning Pits. There, you’ll face off against a boss enemy who drops a unique Silent Skull item once they’re defeated. This skull is the first of four bones you need to gather. Thankfully, finding the other three is a bit more of a straightforward process. The latter three bones can be found by doing the following:

  • Complete a Public Event in the Hellmouth
  • Finish the K1 Revelation Lost Sector in Sorrow’s Harbor
  • Find and defeat the unique ‘Bone Collector’ Hive enemy who wanders around the Anchor of Light outdoor area (look for a Hive enemy with a distinct yellow health bar)

With all four bones in hand, your next task will take you into the Moon’s Scarlet Keep Strike where you’ll need to kill another unique enemy.

Slay the High Conductor

Once you load into the Scarlet Keep Strike, play through it as normal until you reach the large elevator leading up to the final boss. When the elevator makes its second stop, a unique Hive Wizard called ‘High Conductor Sulmakta’ will spawn alongside the standard Hive Wizard enemies. The High Conductor isn’t terribly difficult to defeat, especially since you’ll have two other players supporting you. With Sulmakta dead, you’ll have to charge the Silent Skull by defeating a whole bunch of enemies.

Charging the Silent Skull

Initially, the requirements for charging the Silent Skull up to full power can seem quite daunting. You have to fill up a series of percentage gauges by killing a lot of enemies, about 200 standard enemies, 50 elite enemies, and 10 boss enemies to be more or less exact. Fortunately, there’s a bit of a trick you can utilize to make this grind go by a lot quicker.

As it turns out, the large Nightmare Ogres that routinely spawn in Sorrow’s Harbor count as boss enemies, allowing you to knock out the 10 bosses step in no time. Even better, the smaller Nightmare enemies who accompany the Ogres count as elites, which means you can make some decent progress with the second gauge as well.

Once you’ve filled the boss enemies gauge, it’s better to switch over to either the Scarlet Keep Strike or the K1 Revelation Lost Sector since they both have a lot more standard enemies and non-boss elites than what you’ll find wandering around Sorrow’s Harbor. The Scarlet Keep can be particularly lucrative since any enemies your two teammates kill count towards your progress as well.

Slay the Deathsingers

With the Silent Skull charged, one last mission stands between you and the Deathbringer. Unfortunately, the mission in question, Choir of the Damned, has a recommended power level of 920. If your Guardian’s power level is still in the low 900’s, you can try recruiting a few friends to help you or grind out some other endgame activities for Powerful Gear drops to give your overall power level a boost (for what it’s worth, I was able to clear Choir of the Damned solo at power level 910 without too much difficulty).

Either way, once you feel confident you can tackle the mission, head back down to the Circle of Bones to locate the mission flag for Choir of the Damned. The mission involves a sort of linear gauntlet where you must face a series of powerful ‘Deathsinger’ Hive Wizards, one after the other.

During combat, each Deathsinger will attempt to channel a Deathsong (you’ll know this is happening because a green tinge will appear around your screen). A Deathsong takes about a minute to complete, and if it is completed your entire fireteam will be wiped. You can interrupt a Deathsong by breaking the Deathsinger’s shield or staggering them with a heavy attack. In fact, the Deathsingers themselves actually aren’t that hard to kill on their own, the hardest part of each fight is making sure you’re not overwhelmed by the hordes of smaller enemies who accompany each Deathsinger.

After you kill three Deathsingers, you’ll reach the fourth and final boss Deathsinger, Ir Airam. The boss’s tactics aren’t too different from her three cohorts, she’s just accompanied by some tougher companions, including a few Hive Ogres.

Raining Death

After you’ve defeated the Deathsingers and cleared the Choir of the Damned mission, return to Eris Morn to claim your just reward: the Deathbringer Exotic Rocket Launcher. Deathbringer has two unique perks that work in tandem: Dark Deliverance and Dark Descent.

Thanks to Dark Deliverance, Deathbringer fires shells that can be remotely detonated by releasing the fire button. Once detonated, the shells drop a payload of Void orbs which seek out nearby enemies. The Dark Descent perk increases the damage these Void orbs deal in relation to how far they fall before striking an enemy.

The nature of Deathbringer’s two intertwined perks means the weapon is best used as a sort of pseudo mortar weapon. You’ll want to aim well above whichever enemies you’re targeting and then manually trigger the shell detonation as it passes over your intended targets. If you’ve ever played the Gears of War series and used its Dropshot explosive weapon, it’s sort of the same concept where proper judgment of both distance and timing is key for maximizing your damage output.

Stay tuned for more coverage of Destiny 2’s Shadowkeep expansion and its many hidden secrets in the near future!