Destiny 2: Shadowkeep – Five fast ways to reach level 900

Destiny 2’s latest expansion, Shadowkeep is here and Guardians are busy toiling away at the game’s latest story and getting familiar with the new weapons and armor systems. While there is a bunch of new things to do and get used to with Shadowkeep, one thing remains the same – the level grind.

With Shadowkeep, the softcap is level 900 (hardcap is technically 960). The long way to get to 900 is just to play the game regularly – finish the campaign, explore the Moon, do Strikes, play Crucible, and play Gambit. But if you just want to get to level 900 as quickly as possible, here are the five fastest ways to get there.


If you’ve been playing Destiny 2 for the past couple of years, we’re sure you stocked up on Vanguard tokens, Crucible tokens, Gunsmith Materials, Arcology tokens (Io), EDZ Tokens (Earth), Nessus tokens, and Mercury tokens. Cash them in now to get weapons and armor above your current power level.

Farm a Hidden Moon Chest

If you’ve been exploring the Moon, you may have seen a Trove Guardian roaming around Anchor’s Light. If you kill him, hidden platforms will appear near where you found him. If you follow the path, it will lead you to a hidden chest that will give you some blue gear above your power level. Stick around for a few minutes, kill some baddies, open some chests, and the Trove Guardian will reappear. Here’s a video to see where you have to go.

Public Events

Start planet hopping and join some Public Events. As you know, the chest at the end of each Public Event drops one or two blue items that will be above your power level.

Loot the Sleeper Nodes

Do you still have any Resonate Stems? You might have a bunch. Go ahead and make some Override Frequencies and traverse around Mars looting the Sleeper Nodes. We were getting weapons and gear that were 10 levels above our current levels.

Lost Sectors

This one is easy. Skip around the galaxy and jump into the Lost Sectors. You don’t even have to defeat all the enemies in the sectors. Just defeat the boss to get the cache key and open the chest! FYI, wait until you're over 900 to enter the Lost Sectors on the Moon, you're not powerful enough yet.

What are you doing to level up?