Destiny 2’s upcoming seasons revamp includes battle passes and seasonal activities

Much like last year’s Forsaken expansion, Destiny 2’s upcoming Shadowkeep add-on will introduce some pretty major shifts to the game’s structure when it launches on October 1. Along with the F2P ‘New Light’ edition and the Armor 2.0 rollout, Bungie will also be changing how the seasonal structure works. The overall plan sounds quite ambitious, but it also sounds like it will benefit players who are looking for a more rewarding and cost-effective gameplay experience.

Destiny 2 game director Luke Smith recently published a new Bungie blog post which explains how seasons are getting a makeover in Shadowkeep and beyond. Shadowkeep’s launch day will also mark the beginning of the Season of the Undying, a season in which the villainous Vex invade Earth’s Moon (a new location included in Shadowkeep).

According to Smith, each post-Shadowkeep season will have a more clearly defined structure in which new story events occur and new rewards become available. Players will progress through a track of 100 Season Ranks by earning XP, not unlike the battle pass progression mechanic already found in games like Fortnite. Much like other battle pass games, Destiny 2’s seasonal reward tracks will have both free and premium options, with the premium track granting more frequent rewards and more rewards upfront. Access to the premium track can be unlocked with a one-time $10 purchase, and the premium track for Season of the Undying is included with Shadowkeep expansion purchases.

During each new season, all players will also be given a new seasonal artifact which they can use to unlock new armor mods and increase their total power level across all characters on their account. There’s no limit to the amount of artifact power a player can earn, though it will reset back down to zero at the start of each new season. The Season of the Undying seasonal artifact will be the appropriately Vex-themed Gate Lord’s Eye.

Lastly, each season will have a season-specific matchmade gameplay activity that will only be available while the season is active. For the Season of the Undying, the activity will be something Bungie is calling the ‘Vex Offensive.’ Seasonal activities will grant season-specific rewards at an increased rate, but you’ll need to purchase a season’s premium rewards track to access them. Once a season ends, specific rewards such as Legendary and Exotic items will be transferred to the potential reward pools for other activities, ensuring that players don’t completely miss out if they fail to obtain a particular item while the season is active.

Speaking of not missing out, Smith said that Destiny 2 players will have the option to purchase Seasonal Ranks with Silver if they don’t think they’ll have the time to grind through all 100, but only during specific time intervals. This will ensure that more well-off players can’t just buy all 100 ranks from day one. Smith says the current plan is to make Seasonal Ranks purchasable during the final 2-4 weeks of each 10-week season.

Smith’s full post is worth reading through if you’re curious about how Bungie’s latest attempt to balance seasonal value will continue evolving as Destiny 2 heads into its third year. At least on paper, it sounds like the Shadowkeep approach will be more user-friendly than Bungie’s massive three-season Annual Pass rollout and will also better encourage players to just log in and play without having to constantly play specific activities.