Destiny 2: How to unlock every Exotic weapon that’s being vaulted in November

When Destiny 2’s Beyond Light expansion launches on November 10, certain in-game destinations will be put into what developer Bungie is calling the “Destiny Content Vault” as part of an initiative to keep the game from becoming too bloated and unwieldy. Because of this, specific Exotic weapon quests attached to those destinations will be retired (the Exotics themselves will still be obtainable, just not through those quests).

Bungie recently provided a handy list of every Exotic weapon whose associated quests will be retired by the upcoming Beyond Light changes, along with the Whisper of the Worm and Outbreak Perfected quests which are also being vaulted, that brings the total up to 18 weapons in all. If you haven’t gotten any of these weapons yet and you want to before Beyond Light’s launch, we’ve gone ahead and provided a quick roundup of how you can go about doing so.

Ace of Spades

Obtaining the Ace of Spades Exotic hand cannon requires that you first own Destiny 2’s Forsaken expansion since you’ll need to finish Forsaken’s associated story campaign to kick off the quest in earnest. Once you’ve wrapped up the Forsaken story campaign, you can follow our in-depth Ace of Spade guide to complete the remaining quest steps.

Bad Juju

The Bad Juju Exotic pulse rifle quest is attached to Calus’ Tribute Hall which is itself located on Nessus. To unlock access to the Tribute Hall, head over to Werner 99-40, a vendor on Nessus who resides on a large floating barge. Next to Werner is a chest you can open by paying a tithe of 5,000 Glimmer, and opening the chest nets you an Invitation from the Emperor quest item that leads to permanent Tribute Hall access.

Once you’ve unlocked the Tribute Hall, you need to start filling it with tribute statues. Open up your Triumphs menu and find the Destinations tab. Click on the tab, then click on the ‘Minor’ category, and finally scroll down to the Tribute Hall entry. Each Triumph you complete in this entry awards a tribute statue, and you can also buy statues from the large Calus motif in the Tribute Hall itself for a hefty Glimmer/resource cost.

Your goal is to earn 18 tribute statues in total, at which point you’ll unlock a short and easy quest which, once completed, awards Bad Juju.

Worldline Zero

To claim the Worldline Zero Exotic sword, you’ll need to head over to Mars and hunt down a series of memory fragments which must be destroyed using specific damage types. Thankfully, we have a guide which shows exactly where you can find all 45 fragments. Also, note that you only need to destroy 35 fragments to claim Worldline Zero, though you’ll also get a cool-looking Exotic Sparrow mount for destroying the remaining 10.

Sleeper Simulant

The Sleeper Simulant linear fusion rifle is another Exotic which requires spending a lot of time on Mars. Again, we’ve got a guide that can take you through the specifics, just note that the process for unlocking the Sleeper Simulant is a bit more involved and time-consuming than the Worldline Zero questline.

Polaris Lance

The third and final Mars-based Exotic quest leads to the Exotic scout rifle Polaris Lance. Luckily, a few of the same steps you complete as part of the Sleeper Simulant quest are also needed to add Polaris Lance to your arsenal.

After finishing the Warmind story campaign and completing a few minor quests for Ana Bray, she’ll give you a series of quests steps for a larger multi-part quest called Nascent Dawn. These quest steps involve completing objectives like doing Mars-based patrols and lost sectors, finishing specific adventures, and heading into playlist activities like strikes and the Crucible.

When you’ve finished step 4/5 for the Nascent Dawn quest chain, Polaris Lance will be yours. Completing the fifth and final step is only required if you want to also claim Polaris Lance’s catalyst.

Legend of Acrius

The quest which leads to the Legend of Acrius Exotic shotgun involves the Leviathan raid on Nessus, so make sure you’ve got some friends to recruit before you begin it in earnest. To kick off the quest, you’ll need to first complete two other quests which are obtained in the following manner:

  • On the Comms – The quest begins when you pick up an item that’s randomly dropped by any slain Cabal enemy and involves killing additional Cabal until you obtain five communication ciphers.
  • Destroyer of Worlds – This quest, which is obtained after finishing the Red War story campaign, involves finishing a single run of the Leviathan raid.

With both of those quests in the bag, you’ll get an Imperial Invitation from Benedict 99-40 in the Tower which directs you to complete a series of additional tasks including a unique version of the Arms Dealer strike. Most of these tasks aren’t too difficult but the final task involves finishing a run of the Leviathan raid on Prestige difficulty so bear that in mind. Completing all of the tasks will net you your very own Legend of Acrius.

Rat King

The full-auto Exotic sidearm Rat King can only be obtained after you’ve unlocked the planet Titan and finished most of its story quests. The later steps also require that you party up with at least one other player who either also has the quest or who has already unlocked Rat King themselves. You can find a more in-depth explanation for how to start and finish the Rat King quest in this Destiny 2 base game Exotics guide.


The same guide above which leads to the Rat King Exotic also contains steps for unlocking the Sturm Exotic hand cannon. Interestingly enough, Sturm is meant to be wielded in tandem with its counterpart, a Legendary sidearm called Drang. The kick-off quest for obtaining Sturm is found over on Nessus, and the above guide will walk you through the remaining steps for obtaining both Sturm and Drang.

MIDA Multi-Tool

Similarly to Sturm, the MIDA Multi-Tool Exotic scout rifle is meant (but not required) to be wielded alongside a second weapon, the MIDA Mini-Tool Legendary SMG. The quest which leads to the two MIDA weapons begins on the EDZ, and the above guide for Rat King and Sturm also contains all the steps needed to wrap the MIDA quest up.

Le Monarque

With the release of Destiny 2’s Shadowkeep expansion, two of the three new Exotic weapons that were added in the game’s Black Armory DLC are now much easier to obtain. Before Shadowkeep, the only way to get the Le Monarque Exotic bow was via a randomized drop after forging certain weapon frames during Black Armory forge activities. Now, players can instead pick up the ‘Butterfly’s Grace’ quest from Black Armory vendor Ada-1 in the Tower.

The Butterfly’s Grace quest still requires some effort to complete since it tasks players with killing a bunch of Fallen with bows and forging a total of 10 weapon frames through forge activity completions. Thankfully, the randomness of the original obtainment method is completely gone. Once the 10 weapon frames are finished and the requisite Fallen have been riddled with arrows, Le Monarque will be yours.


If you’re going for the above Le Monarque Exotic, you might as well go for the Jotunn Exotic fusion rifle as well since their respective quests have a ton of overlap. As with Le Monarque, the new post-Shadowkeep quest for Jotunn, ‘A Giant’s Might,’ can be picked up from Ada-1. Obtaining Jotunn also requires that the player forge a total of 10 weapon frames, but instead of killing Fallen with Bows they must instead kill Vex with fusion rifles.

Having both the Le Monarque and Jotunn quests at once means that each weapon frame forged will count towards both quests. The two weapons themselves are still quite powerful even after a few respective tweaks and nerfs so the extra effort needed to add them both to your arsenal is well worth it.

Izanagi’s Burden

The quest for obtaining the Izanagi’s Burden Exotic sniper rifle, the third and final Black Armory Exotic, isn’t quite as simple or straightforward as the Le Monarque and Jotunn quests. However, it too benefited from some post-Shadowkeep changes which made the quest a bit easier to finish. Before Shadowkeep, players couldn’t even begin the quest until they located a hidden ‘Mysterious Box’ quest item just outside the Volundr Forge in the EDZ. Now, they can just pick the box up from Ada-1 in the Tower.

The complex nature of the Mysterious Box quest’s remaining steps could fill up an entire guide all their own, so instead we’ll just provide a handy video guide from Destiny YouTuber Datto. Datto’s video walkthrough covers all the remaining quests steps for unlocking Izanagi’s Burden and condenses them into a single video that’s just over five minutes long. Just remember you can ignore the first part of the video showing where the Mysterious Box is hidden since it’s now available for pickup from Ada-1.

The Last Word

To start the quest which leads to the Exotic hand cannon The Last Word (a fan favorite from the original Destiny), you’ll need to speak to The Drifter in the Tower and pick up the strange artifact he offers you. From there you can follow our in-depth guide to cleanse the artifact and complete the remainder of ‘The Draw’ quest which leads to a Last Word all your own.


Thorn was the weapon that made original Destiny players shiver with fear because of its powerful PvP presence, and it’s no less deadly in its Destiny 2 form. Fittingly enough, unlocking Thorn for yourself takes no small degree of legwork, but we’ve got a detailed weapon guide that should make the journey just a bit easier.


In addition to its eye-catching design, the Lumina Exotic hand cannon is wholly unique in that its shots can actually heal other players, making it a prized weapon for virtually any group-oriented game mode or activity. If you’re working towards getting Thorn, make sure you also consult our guide for unlocking Lumina since the quests requirements for obtaining both weapons overlap a bit


The powerful Exotic rocket launcher Truth is an absolute beast in the Crucible and Gambit, and if you want to add it to your arsenal you can begin the weapon’s associated quest by completing a single run of the Menagerie activity on Nessus. From there, our comprehensive guide will take you through the remaining steps to unlock Truth.  

Whisper of the Worm

Unlike all of the other weapons in this list, obtaining the sleek-looking Taken-themed Exotic sniper rifle Whisper of the Worm doesn’t require the completion of a formal quest. Instead, the player merely needs to navigate a tricky gauntlet of environmental hazards, large precarious pits, and tough groups of enemies all while also racing against a strict time limit.

Merely accessing this gauntlet used to be a huge pain since it could only be found while a Taken Blight public event was happening at a specific spot on the planet Io. Now, all players have to do is navigate to the blue ‘The Whisper’ node on the Io destination map and they can attempt the gauntlet as many times as they wish.

The below video walkthrough from YouTuber Datto shows where to find the gauntlet’s hidden entrance once you spawn into The Whisper mission and how to navigate through the gauntlet once you’ve reached it. Successfully clear the gauntlet and defeat the final group of enemies before the timer expires and Whisper of the Worm is yours.

Outbreak Perfected

The quest to obtain Outbreak Perfected, an Exotic pulse rifle that’s actually a modified version of the Outbreak Prime Exotic from the original Destiny, was made for players who enjoy solving obscure puzzles. Before you can even start the quest, though, you’ll need to first finish the ‘Enemy of my Enemy’ mission on Titan (in case you want to multitask, completing this mission is also a required step for earning the Rat King Exotic).

With Enemy of my Enemy out of the way, you can follow our in-depth Outbreak Perfected quest guide to finish the remaining steps and add the powerful Siva-shooting weapon to your Exotic arsenal.