Destiny 2: How to unlock the Braytech Werewolf Auto Rifle and other Festival of the Lost goodies

Destiny 2’s Halloween-themed Festival of the Lost event is back for another round, and this year there are some tantalizing new rewards for players to get their spooky little mitts on. The most notable of those rewards is undoubtedly the "Braytech Werewolf" Legendary Auto Rifle, a unique weapon which, similar to last year’s Horror Story Auto Rifle, is fully masterworked and drops at max power for all players (i.e. 950 power).

In this guide we’ll explain the finer points of how the 2019 iteration of the Festival of the Lost works, how players can earn the event’s various rewards like masks and goodie bags, and, naturally, how to unlock the Braytech Werewolf.

Haunted Halls

The first thing players should do now that the Festival of the Lost is in full swing is speak with Eva Levante in the Tower. Similar to past events like The Dawning and The Revelry, Eva Levante acts as a seasonal event liaison, offering bounties and rewards that correlate to the Festival of the Lost as a whole.

For a mere 100 Glimmer, players can purchase a Master Rahool mask from Eva, and the first mask purchased in this fashion will actually provide a small power bump over the player’s currently equipped helmet item (subsequent Master Rahool masks can also be purchased, but they’ll be set at 750 power). You need to be wearing a Festival of the Lost mask to participate in the event’s associated Haunted Forest activity, and the power bump ensures players won’t lose any power by swapping their current helm out for the mask.

If you played the Haunted Forest during last year’s Festival of the Lost, it functions pretty much the same way this year. A team of three players must work their way through a series of “branches” where they kill groups of AI enemies to eventually reach one of several different boss enemies as a timer ticks down. Subsequent branches become harder and harder, mainly thanks to stacking negative modifiers like Grounded, Iron, Attrition, and Blackout. There are nine branches in total, and a well-coordinated group of matchmade players should be able to reach at least branch five or six on a good run.

Candy and Coins

As they work through the Haunted Forest and complete Festival of the Lost bounties, players will earn two different types of currency: Candy and Chocolate Strange Coins. Candy can randomly drop as a distinct blue triangle pickup from defeated enemies in virtually any activity (Haunted Forest, Strikes, Public Events, etc.) and is also awarded whenever you kill another player in Crucible matches. Chocolate Strange Coins, meanwhile, are awarded through Festival of the Lost bounties and by completing activities.

Players can visit Eva Levante and trade in their Candy for goodie backs full of random rewards like gear, planetary materials, and Enhancement Cores. Meanwhile, those who are after the Braytech Werewolf should make sure they save every Chocolate Strange Coin they get.

A Triumphant Reward

Much like last year’s Horror Story weapon, this year’s Braytech Werewolf Auto Rifle is attached to one of the new Festival of the Lost Triumphs players can earn. There’s a multitude of different Triumphs for tasks like completing Festival of the Lost bounties, accruing large amounts of Candy and Chocolate Strange Coins, and defeating bosses in the Haunted Forest. If all you care about is the Braytech Werewolf, though, there’s only one Triumph you need concern yourself with: Master of Disguise.

When you visit Eva Levante, you’ll notice she has five different helmet ornaments for sale which allow you to customize your mask, swapping out Master Rahool’s grinning mug for something like a Vex Goblin head or The Drifter’s smarmy stare. Each mask ornament costs an increasing amount of Chocolate Strange Coins, starting at 10 coins for the cheapest and moving up to 50 for the most expensive. This means you need a total of 150 Chocolate Strange Coins to purchase all five mask ornaments and fulfill the conditions for the Master of Disguise Triumph.

Obtaining a total of 150 Chocolate Strange Coins does take a little grinding, but thankfully you can grind pretty much whatever activities you want. Eva’s Festival of the Lost bounties are the most efficient method for earning coins, and many of her bounties are actually attached to activities other than the Haunted Forest. Just work through all the bounties she offers on a given day (you can do this on multiple characters if you have alts available) and purchase additional bounties from her if you can. 

You should also make sure you’re picking up plenty of Candy as well since earning the Master of Disguise Triumph isn’t quite enough to claim your very own Braytech Werewolf. After unlocking the Triumph, you also have to purchase the Braytech Werewolf from Eva for a cool 1,000 Candy. Considering how frequently Candy drops, though, especially in activities like the Haunted Forest, building up a stockpile of 1,000 shouldn’t be too difficult. 

After obtaining your first Braytech Werewolf, you can purchase additional "random roll" copies of the gun from Eva for 250 Candy, 5,000 Glimmer, and five Legendary Shards a pop. Of course, the initial version you get already has some pretty decent perks, namely Precision Frame, Zen Moment, and Kill Clip.

Along with the Braytech Werewolf, there are some other unique rewards attached to the Festival of the Lost 2019 event as well. In your quest for the Braytech Werewolf you’ll also unlock the Sweet Tooth Triumph (obtain 1,000 Candy) which awards a unique Sweet Dreams profile emblem. If you manage to unlock seven unique Festival of the Lost 2019 Triumphs you’ll also earn yourself a cool Eris Morn mask ornament.

Whether you’re just in it for the Braytech Werewolf and its associated power boost or you want to soak in everything Destiny 2’s 2019 Festival of the Lost iteration has to offer, you have plenty of time since the event is sticking around until Tuesday, November 19.