Destiny 2: How to trigger the Contact public event’s heroic modifier

One of the standout features of Destiny 2’s recently launched Season of Arrivals is the new ‘Contact’ public event type. In many ways, Contact replicates the same format used in the PvPvE mode Gambit, only in a public setting and without the fear of having to deal with PvP invaders.

As with Destiny 2’s other public event types, Contact also includes a heroic modifier that players can trigger by meeting a specific set of criteria during an active event attempt. We’ll briefly explain how the Contact activity plays out, what must be done to ensure success, and, most importantly, how players can trigger the heroic modifier should they feel bold enough to attempt it.

What is Contact?

If you’ve ever played Destiny 2’s Gambit game mode, the general setup for the Contact public event should look instantly familiar to you. Unlike other public events, you can manually start a Contact attempt whenever you’re ready, no need to wait out a countdown timer. However, as with other public events, it’s recommended that you have at least a few other players around to help you before starting, especially if you’re planning on activating the heroic modifier.

When a Contact activity begins a large mote bank will be deployed and waves of enemies will start spawning in. Just as in Gambit, your goal is to slay these enemies, pick up the Motes of Darkness they drop, and deposit the Motes into the bank. Many of the same rules from Gambit also apply here. For example, you can carry a maximum of 10 Motes at a time (this number can be bumped up to 15 through a seasonal upgrade), and if you die any Motes you were holding are lost for good.

How to Win

Unlike in Gambit, filling the bank once isn’t enough to win. You have to fill it a total of four times across four “waves” of enemies, and for each new wave the enemies get tougher (they start at about 1,000 recommended power level and are 1,030 by the final wave). There’s a time limit for each bank-filling wave, and in-between waves you also have to kill all of the Taken blockers that spawn (there’s a separate timer for killing the Taken).

If you successfully fill the bank across all four waves a boss will spawn. Kill the boss before the timer expires and you’ll have completed the standard version of the Contact public event. As for the heroic modifier, it’s not too hard to trigger as long as you know what you’re doing, but it does require that you actively pay attention during each new bank-filling wave. 

Triggering the Heroic Modifier

When a total of 10 motes have been deposited during each new bank-filling wave a “bloom” will spawn somewhere nearby. You can locate this bloom by looking out for its large telltale circular marker and by following the beam of light which connects the bloom to the top of the mote bank. The bloom is guarded by a few standard enemies as well as a champion enemy, and once the champion is dead you can pick up the bloom and deposit it into the bank much as you would a standard Mote.

Depositing the bloom grants a significant portion of progress for that wave’s bank total. Just be careful as champion enemies can actually steal blooms from the bank if they get too close (slaying the champion causes them to drop the bloom, allowing you to re-deposit it). If a bloom is deposited during each of the four standard bank-filling waves (so four blooms in total) the heroic modifier will automatically trigger once the boss wave starts. As is expected, the heroic modifier boss fight is noticeably harder than the standard boss, so plan accordingly.

Even if you’re just starting out in the Season of Arrivals and haven’t quite reached the recommended power levels, you can still participate in the Contact event. Just make sure to hang back and only focus on the weaker enemies, and expect that you’ll probably die a few times. No matter what, you should absolutely equip as many anti-champion mods and weapons as you can (Unstoppable, Anti-Barrier, and Overload) since champions spawn not only around blooms but also during Taken blocker waves and later bank-filling waves.

If you want to get to an appropriate power level for the Contact event as quickly as possible, be sure to consult our Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals quick-leveling guide for helpful tips and optimal strategies.