Destiny 2: How to get the Outbreak Perfected Exotic Pulse Rifle

Destiny 2’s recently launched 2.2.2 update contains a special surprise for players who enjoy chasing mysteries: a hidden quest which, once completed, awards a powerful new Exotic weapon, the Outbreak Perfected Pulse Rifle. Dedicated Destiny fans might recognize Outbreak Perfected as a slightly tweaked version of Outbreak Prime, an Exotic weapon from the original Destiny.

In this guide, we’ll explain how to begin the Outbreak Perfected quest along with the steps needed to complete the entire quest chain. This new quest isn’t as long or involved as some of Destiny 2’s other Exotic quests, but knowing where to go and where to look can save you a lot of time and hassle.

Find the Fallen Transponder

To start the Outbreak Perfected quest, you first need to locate a unique ‘Fallen Transponder’ item. The transponder is located in the heroic version of the Bad Neighbors story mission on Titan which is currently available as of this writing. However, before you load up Bad Neighbors, make sure that you’ve first completed the Enemy of My Enemy mission on Titan as well.

Proceed through the Bad Neighbors mission until you reach a room with a Hive Shrieker (the large floating enemies that shoot glowing purple projectiles at you). Just beyond the Shrieker is a small room bathed in red light, and on the left side of that room is a closed door. As long as you finished the Enemy of My Enemy mission, you should receive an “Unlocked” prompt as you approach the door. Head through the door into a side room where the Fallen Transponder is lying on the floor.

Locating the Six Nodes

Examining the transponder shows that it needs six information nodes to decrypt the message it contains. Fortunately, these six nodes are each found in different Lost Sectors. Four of the required Lost Sectors are in the EDZ, and the final two are on Nessus.

Node 1

This node is found in The Drain Lost Sector in the EDZ’s Outskirts. Head to the end of the Lost Sector and look for a large sub-room which is down a staircase leading from the area with the final chest. The node is found up on a platform underneath a purplish-blue awning.

Node 2

For this node you need to head to the Whispered Falls EDZ Lost Sector which is also in the Outskirts. In the first large room of the sector, look for a small side alcove off to your right to locate the node.

Node 3

This node is located in the Atrium Lost Sector located underneath the central church in the EDZ’s Trostland region. About halfway through the sector, there’s a part where you drop down to a lower hallway. After dropping down, look to your left to find a side room containing the node.

Node 4

The final EDZ node is found in the Widow’s Walk Lost Sector which, like the Atrium, is found in the Trostland region. When you’re facing the sector’s final chest, look up and slightly to the right to spot a ledge where the node is resting.

Node 5

This first Nessus node is found in the Carrion Pit Lost Sector in the Glade of Echoes region. To the right of the final chest is an alcove hidden behind a wall. You can reach the alcove by carefully jumping around the edge of the wall. The node is waiting for you inside the alcove.

Node 6

The final node is found in The Rift Lost Sector in Nessus’ Exodus Black region. When you reach the sector’s final large room with the central pit, look up and to your left. You should see a large rectangular container resting on a ledge. The node is hidden inside that container.

Zero Hour

With all six nodes activated, your next destination is The Farm social space in the EDZ. As soon as you load into The Farm, turn to your right to spot a basement entrance leading under the large main barn building.

Proceed down into the basement and look behind some shelves to discover the person who sent the Fallen Transponder message. It’s none other than Mithrax, the Fallen Captain who appeared in the Enemy of My Enemy mission. If you approach Mithrax, you’ll receive a prompt to “Rendezvous.” Make sure you’re prepared for a tough mission before you activate the prompt.

Triggering the prompt sends you into a special timed mission called Zero Hour. You have 20 minutes to venture through the ruined tower from Destiny 2’s opening mission, navigate some tricky platforming sequences, and ultimately battle a final cadre of powerful Fallen boss enemies.

All of the enemies you’ll face in Zero Hour are 690 power or higher so we recommend not even attempting the mission unless you’re at least 690 (preferably closer to 700) power yourself. And even then, soloing the mission is a tall order so we recommend recruiting some 700 power friends as well.

If you successfully clear the mission under the given time limit, Outbreak Perfected will be yours. You’ll also unlock an even tougher Heroic version of the mission (accessible from the EDZ map) which awards the catalyst for Outbreak Perfected upon completion.