Destiny 2: How to get the Lumina Exotic hand cannon

Not long after bringing the Exotic rocket launcher Truth into the Destiny 2 playground, Bungie has now added in yet another Exotic weapon quest for players to pursue. This latest quest, which is only available to Annual Pass owners, allows players to unlock a brand new Exotic hand cannon called Lumina.

Thanks to its ‘Noble Rounds’ perk, Lumina is even more unique than most other Exotic weapons since it can essentially function as a dedicated healing tool. Noble Rounds triggers whenever a player kills an enemy with Lumina, and firing from the hip with Noble Rounds active spawns an orb which homes in on the nearest ally. This orb both heals the ally it hits and temporarily increases their damage output.

As you can imagine, Noble Rounds makes Lumina an ideal weapon for virtually any group-based activity, be it PvP or PvE in nature. If you want to unlock Lumina for yourself, the below guide walks you through every step.

Starting The Quest

The item trigger for the Lumina quest is located in the EDZ. In fact, it’s located in the same area as the trigger for the Thorn weapon quest, so if you’ve already unlocked Thorn, you’ll know where to go.

Spawn at the Trostland landing point and head past the large central church where Devrim Kay is into the salt mines to the north. Proceed through the Salt Mines until you reach a broken elevator shaft. There’s a teleporter you can interact with at the base of the shaft which will take you up to an outdoor bluff. Proceed straight ahead and up a hill until you spot a large Fallen energy barrier to your right.

If you look to your left while facing the barrier, you’ll spot a path you can take along the cliffs. Carefully navigate along the path to reach the same open camp area with the large crater that kicked off the Thorn quest. Now, there’s also a large chest, and opening the chest grants two items: ‘A Fateful Gift’ and a ‘System Positioning Device.’

Searching For a Chest

You’ll find the System Positioning Device item in your Pursuits tab. The device’s text will point you towards a specific location on one of Destiny 2’s currently available planets. Reports say the System Position Device will most often send players to a specific Lost Sector, but when we did the quest ourselves we were sent to the High Plains outdoor region in the Tangled Shore. No matter where you’re sent, keep an eye out for a square chest with some symbols on it.

Bearer of Evils Past

After opening the previous step’s chest, you’ll be directed to complete the ‘Bearer of Evils Past’ quest step. This step is pretty straightforward, you just have to generate a total of 250 Orbs of Light. Orbs generated by teammates count as well, so the best way to knock this step out quickly is to equip a Masterworked weapon and head into a group activity like the Reckoning, Blind Well, or the Menagerie. If the Mayhem PvP playlist is active, that’s also a good spot as long as you don’t mind PvP.

Restoring Rose

When you complete the Bearer of Evils Past quest step, you’ll receive the Legendary hand cannon Rose. However, in its base form Rose isn’t much to look at since all of its perks are disabled. To restore Rose’s perks, you’ll need to complete three separate goals. These three goals can be completed in any order and you don’t need to use Rose when completing them.

  • Earn 100 weapon streaks. A streak is earned whenever you kill multiple enemies with a single weapon without reloading.
  • Complete encounter waves in open-world horde activities (Escalation Protocol, Blind Well, or Black Armory Forge ignitions). If you’re running solo, Blind Well is likely your best bet. If you’ve got some friends to recruit, though, Escalation Protocol might be more efficient.
  • Complete a Nightfall strike with a score of at least 50,000 points. Keeping your total completion time low and avoiding death will both help in boosting your score. You can also purchase a Nightfall challenge card from Xur to set your own custom score-boosting modifiers.

Grouping Up

This is another open-ended step which asks you to complete any group-based matchmaking activity (strikes, Crucible, Gambit, Menagerie, etc.) with Rose equipped. You’ll gain bonus progress if other members of your fireteam are also using Rose.

Working Together

Yet another quest step which is broken into smaller sub-steps. This step can be a bit of a pain if you don’t have any friends to play with, but it’s still technically doable. The three sub-steps you need to complete are as follows:

  • Generate 50 Orbs of Light in group activities. This shouldn’t take too long if you follow the same strategy as when you generated 250 orbs earlier in the quest chain.
  • Kill enemy players in Crucible PvP using hand cannons. You don’t have to use Rose, any hand cannon will do. Also, teammates who kill enemy players with hand cannons will grant some progress as well.
  • Kill an enemy invader in Gambit before they kill any of your allies. This will undoubtedly be the toughest step. If you’re not working with a dedicated team of friends, completing this step boils down to having good luck and favorable positioning. Thankfully, you only need to kill one invader in this fashion to fulfill the step’s requirements.

Find Crystals in the Will of the Thousands Strike

The final step in the Lumina quest chain sends you to the Will of the Thousands strike on Mars. Scattered throughout the strike are large Hive crystals which can only be destroyed by shooting them with Rose. You must destroy at least 11 of these crystals in a single Will of the Thousands run and then complete the strike itself (i.e. defeat Xol) to fulfill the quest steps.  We’ve included a video below from Destiny YouTuber xHOUNDISHx which details the crystal locations.

With this final step complete, you’ll finish the entire quest and unlock Lumina for your Destiny 2 arsenal.