Destiny 2: How to get the Last Word hand cannon

With its most recent game update, Destiny 2 has received a new quest called ‘The Draw’ which allows players to unlock a highly coveted reward: the Last Word exotic hand cannon. The Last Word was a major fan-favorite in the original Destiny, which makes its Destiny 2 debut all the more exciting. If you’re interested in adding the Last Word to your Destiny 2 arsenal, this guide can help you complete each of the quest steps involved.

Visit The Drifter

The very first thing you need to do is visit The Drifter in the Tower. He’ll kick off the quest by handing you a strange artifact which must be “cleansed” by killing a whole bunch of Hive.

Slay some Hive

Specifically, there are three separate objectives you need to complete in order to “cleanse” the artifact, and they all involve slaying Hive enemies.

The first objective requires killing a total of 75 Hive enemies with Solar damage so go ahead and equip your Solar sub-class and any Solar weapons you may have. The second objective has you collecting tablets which are dropped from any slain Hive enemy. The third objective requires that you slay three Hive boss enemies.

The easiest way to complete this step is to head over to the Core Terminus Lost Sector on Mars (the one near Ana Bray). The Lost Sector’s final Wanted enemy counts as a boss and as long as you kill every enemy in the Lost Sector, three separate runs should be enough to complete all three objectives.

Prove your Crucible mettle

This next step can be a real pain if your PvP skills aren’t super great so consider yourself warned. You have to fill up a percentage gauge by scoring kills and assists in any Crucible mode. The catch is that the gauge actually decreases every time you die so trying to be overly aggressive just for the sake of getting kills is not a good strategy.

Reports on how much progress you gain and lose for each kill/death vary, but the general consensus is that kill-streaks grant a noticeable bonus while assists don’t grant as much as a full kill. Also, the margins are close enough that you ideally want to maintain a positive kill/death ratio to guarantee progress, but if your ratio goes a little negative you should at least break even from where you started.

Assuming you don’t have a dedicated PvP fireteam to play with, there are a few strategies you can employ to slowly gain progress or at least minimize your losses. One tactic is to do Quickplay matches and just stick to your teammates like glue, racking up assists (and occasional kills) and hopefully making a fast exit if your teammates are outgunned. Of course, even this strategy doesn’t do much good if you’re matched up against a full pre-made team rocking Luna’s Howl and The Chaperone.

If you’re confident in your ability to consistently win firefights and score kills, the free-for-all Rumble playlist might be a better option. You don’t have to worry about pre-made enemy teams and your average amount of deaths will be lower.

Head to Titan

Once you finally overcome the above Crucible hurdle, you’ll be sent to Titan for a unique 500 Power Level mission. I won’t spoil the mission’s lore elements but if you’re wondering how to damage the final boss, just kill the surrounding Hive Wizards first.

More Hive, more Crucible

After the Titan mission you’ll be sent back to The Drifter and he’ll have a new series of objectives waiting for you. There are four objectives in total and progress can be gained simultaneously for all of them (i.e. you don’t have to finish one objective before moving on to another). The objectives in question are as follows:

  • Earn 50 tokens by defeating Hive with precision shots (precision kills don’t guarantee a token drop so chances are you’ll need to kill a few more than 50 enemies).
  • Complete three separate Heroic Hive Summoning Ritual public events (the events can appear on Titan and on Mars).
  • Kill 15 Wanted Escapees in Lost Sectors (any Lost Sector boss with a “Wanted” in their title).
  • Earn 25 Blood for Blood (kill an enemy player who recently killed your teammate) or Best Served Cold (kill an enemy player who recently killed you) medals in the Crucible.

For the PvE Hive objectives, we recommend heading over to Titan. While you’re waiting for the Hive Ritual event to start, you can run the nearby ‘Cargo Bay 3’ Lost Sector (Cargo Bay 3 has Hive enemies for the precision kills and its final boss is a Wanted enemy).

As for the PvP medals, the Mayhem Crucible playlist might be your best bet, though that also depends on which super you’re using and how good you are at scoring kills with it. The Rumble playlist is also good for Best Served Cold medals and Quickplay can be a good alternative for Blood for Blood medals if you’d rather not deal with all the super spamming in Mayhem.

Showdown at the Tangled Shore

The final quest step sends you to the Tangled Shore for another 500 Power Level recommended mission. Again, we’ll do our best to avoid spoilers but basically you want to proceed through the mission until you reach three Hive Wizards gathered around a relic. Each Wizard will engage you one after the other and they’ll spawn in extra enemies to support them. With all three Wizards dead you’ll transition into the mission’s second phase.

During the second phase, you have to stand on a plate and use the “virtual” Last Word weapon that appears. An enemy NPC will spawn in wielding a weapon that should look familiar to original Destiny players. You basically have to “duel” the NPC by waiting until they raise their weapon and then shooting their glowing hand.

You then have to proceed to a second plate where the NPC will spawn two copies of themselves. Again, you have to “duel” them, just keep track of which order they spawn in since that’s the order they’ll raise their guns. Repeat the process a third time (with three NPC spawns and subsequent duels) and you’ll complete the mission.

Finishing the mission awards the Last Word weapon. You’ll be directed to visit The Drifter one last time but he’ll just wax poetic and unlock some new lore entries in your codex. After that, go ahead and enjoy your new hand cannon, you certainly earned it.