Destiny 2: How to get The Fourth Horseman exotic shotgun

We’re only a few weeks into Destiny 2’s latest content season, the Warmind-themed Season of the Worthy, and yet there are already two new exotic weapons for players to earn. The new auto-rifle Tommy’s Matchbook, a fun solar-based energy weapon, can be had simply by purchasing and/or progressing the Season of the Worthy season pass. The Fourth Horseman exotic shotgun, though, requires a little more legwork.

The Fourth Horseman is a returning exotic from the original Destiny, and much as it was in the first proper Destiny game, Destiny 2’s version of the weapon is a beast of a gun capable of firing its rounds in full-auto. If you want to add The Fourth Horseman to your Destiny 2 arsenal, the below guide will walk you through every step in the weapon’s associated ‘In Rides a Pale Horse’ quest.

Find Zavala’s Office

To begin the In Rides a Pale Horse quest, you’ll first need to head over to the Tower and speak with Zavala. He’ll send you to retrieve The Fourth Horseman from a secure Vanguard vault that’s connected to his office down in the Tower’s lower levels. If you bring up your navigation display, you’ll see a far-off mission marker denoting where to go next, but it won’t be immediately clear how exactly to reach the marker.

There’s a number of ways to reach the Tower’s sub-levels, but one of the easiest is to take a staircase that’s over to the left of Banshee-44’s kiosk. You can also jump straight down to a series of lower walkways from the central Tower plaza if you’re feeling a bit more daring. No matter your methodology, just keep heading down and using the mission marker as guidance to reach Zavala’s spacious office. Be sure to take a moment to admire the view and use the lower white cabinet on your left to hop up to the top of the leftmost bookcase to find a funny music-based easter egg.

Reaching the Vault

A stairway on the right side of the office leads down to the vault’s main door, but it’s locked. To get into the vault, look to your left as you’re facing the locked vault door. You should be able to spot a passageway hidden underneath the stairs you took to reach the door which you can enter by crouching (as seen in the above screenshot).

Proceed through the passageway and when you reach a room with a ramen vending machine and other electronics, look for a vent you can hop up to (again, the above screenshot should help). Keep navigating the upper passageway and you should eventually find a hole you can drop down into to finally reach the vault. Unfortunately, the only thing you’ll discover in the vault is that all your navigating was for naught. All that’s left of The Fourth Horseman is an empty storage crate.


Inspect the empty crate and you’ll be sent back to speak with Zavala who’s rightfully concerned that someone was apparently able to sneak into a secure Vanguard vault right under his nose and make off with such a powerful weapon. Zavala will send you to speak with Ana Bray on Mars since he has a strong suspicion that the Cabal were somehow involved in The Fourth Horseman’s theft.

Mars Tour of Duty

Over on Mars, Ana will confirm Zavala’s suspicions and send you out to gather some intel. This is done by both slaying Cabal enemies anywhere on Mars and by completing Mars public events. The intel gauge for this quest step takes a while to fill so buckle down and prepare to do some grinding. Since Escalation Protocol technically counts as a public event, the most efficient strategy for filling the intel gauge as quickly as possible is to just complete Escalation Protocol waves, especially if you can reach the guaranteed Cabal public event that’s triggered during one of the later waves.

Gather Heist Data

After filling the intel gauge, you’ll next need to gather some heist data for Ana by slaying Cabal Psions and looting Cabal chests. For this step you’ll want to head over to the Ma’adim Subterrane lost sector located near the spawn-in point for Mars’ Glacial Drift region. The Ma’adim Subterrane is home to a bunch of Cabal Psions, and the final chest you open after defeating the sector’s resident boss naturally counts as a Cabal chest.

Each full run of the Ma’adim Subterrane fills up exactly 32 percent of the heist data gauge (assuming you kill all Psions and loot the final chest). This means that you’ll need to do three full clears of the sector and then dip back in a fourth time to kill a few final Psions to complete this quest step.

EDZ Adventures

After gathering the heist data for Ana, she’ll send you to speak with Benedict 99-40 in the Tower since it seems one of the Cabal Emperor Calus’ elite Shadows was the one who stole The Fourth Horseman. Benedict will inform you the Shadow has since been killed, and in order to decrypt its logs and thus find out where it hid The Fourth Horseman, you’ll have to head down to the EDZ and engage in some more good old fashioned grinding.

Killing enemies, completing patrols, and finishing public events on the EDZ all contribute towards the decryption gauge, but much like the earlier intel gauge on Mars it still fills up at a glacially slow rate. Public events once again grant the most progress per completion so if you want you can just hop around and participate in any active EDZ public events you find.

If you’re also still in the process of upgrading the EDZ Bunker as part of the new Season of the Worthy seasonal grind, another efficient strategy is to just keep doing the Seraph Tower activity over in the EDZ’s Winding Cove region. Since the Seraph Tower counts as a public event, you can gain progress both for participating and for killing the Cabal enemies who show up while the event is ongoing. Completing nearby patrols helps as well, but if you can fully complete the Seraph Tower event it should only take 3-5 runs to fill the decryption gauge.

A Legendary Effort

Only one more step stands between you and The Fourth Horseman shotgun, but it’s sadly also the hardest and most annoying of the bunch. You have to complete the legendary version of The Quarry lost sector in the EDZ, which may sound pretty straightforward until you consider the following:

  • Legendary lost sectors have a minimum recommended power level of 1,000 and contain champion enemies who can only be defeated by using weapons with Unstoppable and Anti-Barrier mods.
  • There are three different legendary lost sectors in the EDZ (The Quarry, Skydock IV, and Scavenger’s Den) and only one is available each day on a rotating schedule. Depending on the day you attempt The Fourth Horseman quest, you might have to wait an extra day or two until The Quarry is rotated in as that day’s daily EDZ legendary lost sector.

Depending on how far you are into Destiny 2’s new season, chances are you’re still a ways off from that 1,000 power level minimum. If you’re in the 980-990 power range and you’re eager to complete The Fourth Horseman quest, you can recruit some buddies to help you, just make sure you remember to take appropriately-modded weapons. You might also want to consider waiting until you unlock some key upgrades for the EDZ Bunker such as Valkyrie Permissions and Heavy Frames.

The Horseman Rides Again

Regardless of your methodology, completing The Quarry’s legendary version will finally net you The Fourth Horseman shotgun. Thanks to its unique perk loadout, this weapon can be an absolute monster in both PvE and PvP game modes, assuming you don’t mind getting up close and personal of course. Here are The Fourth Horseman’s perks:

  • Arrowhead Break – Lightly vented barrel that controls recoil and increases handling speed.
  • Assault Mag – An optimized magazine that greatly increases stability and rate of fire.
  • Fitted Stock – Increases stability and recoil control at the cost of a moderate decrease in handling speed.
  • Broadside – Every successive shot fired has more spread and deals more damage.
  • Thunderer – A significant rate of fire increase coupled with full-auto firing capabilities.

As you can see, the combination of the Broadside and Thunderer perks allows The Fourth Horseman to utterly annihilate any target that’s foolish enough to get too close to you. The weapons’ three other perks, meanwhile, ensure you can keep the weapon steady and level even as you’re blasting your enemies into oblivion. In short, completing the entire In Rides a Pale Horse quest can be a bit of a slog, but The Fourth Horseman’s sheer destructive potential makes the effort well worth undertaking.