Destiny 2: How to get the Felwinter’s Lie legendary shotgun

Destiny 2’s currently ongoing Season of the Worthy hasn’t exactly been the community-rousing experience Bungie was hoping it’d be, but darned if it hasn’t given players some fun new weapons to try. Along with entirely new and unique armaments such as the Heir Apparent exotic LMG and the season pass-exclusive Tommy’s Matchbook auto rifle, Bungie has also been bringing back old favorites from the original Destiny like the Fourth Horseman shotgun.

Now, another beloved Destiny shotgun has made its Destiny 2 debut; Felwinter’s Lie. Unlike the weapons we mentioned above, Felwinter’s Lie is merely a legendary (purple) tier weapon, which means it’s not quite as flashy at first blush as its exotic brethren. However, players who enjoy wielding shotguns in Destiny 2’s PvP Crucible will absolutely want to add the new weapon to their armory (there’s a reason why Destiny’s version of Felwinter’s Lie was earned through Iron Banner play after all).

In the below guide, we’ll cover all the quest steps you need to work through to earn your very own Felwinter’s Lie shotgun. The quest itself was plagued by a few hiccups at launch which made it technically impossible to finish, but as of this writing those hiccups have been dealt with.

A Communal Undertaking

To begin ‘The Lie,’ the aptly-named quest which ultimately leads to Felwinter’s Lie, all you need do is visit Ana Bray on Mars. When you speak to her, you’ll find that the first major hurdle you were supposed to clear is no longer an issue.

When The Lie first went live, the quest tasked the Destiny 2 community with completing a total of 9 million Seraph Tower public events. This tall order was one which players weren’t exactly thrilled to undertake given how much effort and coordination is needed to complete a single Seraph Tower (since they’re public events, Seraph Towers are heavily dependent on how well a small group of random strangers can work together).

Thankfully, Bungie was quick to implement a few under-the-hood changes to make the communal undertaking less of a grind, and the collective goal was met after only a few days. If you’re working through The Lie quest now, you don’t have to do a single Seraph Tower, so be sure to take a moment and thank your fellow Guardians who put in the work so you don’t have to.

Vostok Visitation

Since the communal Seraph Towers step has already been taken care of, Ana will instead send you over to complete a unique mission in the EDZ called ‘A Warmind’s Secrets.’ The mission will drop you into an empty instance of the Crucible’s Vostok map, and you’ll be directed to find three different energy signature’s spread across the map’s layout.

The signatures aren’t terribly hard to find since a large diamond indicator will pop up whenever you come into range of one. Interact with each signature and you’ll get a little lore from Ana discussing the Warmind Rasputin’s relationship with the Iron Lords and the malicious entity known as SIVA (both of which were featured prominently in Destiny’s Rise of Iron expansion).

Once you’ve found all three energy signatures you’ll complete the mission and automatically move forward into the next part of the quest: farming a whole bunch of shotgun kills.

Bringing Out The Boomsticks

The ‘Shotgun Telemetry’ portion of the quest involves filling up a percentage gauge by scoring kills with any shotgun. Both PvE and PvP kills count, and killing enemy Guardians in PvP naturally grants the most efficient progress. The amount the percentage gauge fills in relation to kills means it will take about 1,000 PvE kills and/or 100 PvP kills to completely fill the gauge (so every enemy player you kill in a Crucible match counts as 10 PvE kills).

If you’re confident in your ability to get consistent shotgun kills in the Crucible, by all means have at it. On the other hand, if you’d rather just grind the necessary kills out in PvE, you certainly can just expect to be at it for a good long while. We recommend finding spots where you can farm a lot of easy kills quickly such as in the early portions of the Leviathan raid (you can safely do so solo) or by heading back to Mars and triggering some Escalation Protocols.

Since there are shotguns available for all three major weapon categories (kinetic, energy, and heavy), you can technically equip three shotguns at once and just go to town assuming you’ve already earned the requisite weapons. Just note that you’ll be constantly ammo-starved if you go this route since most non-heavy shotguns use special (green) ammo regardless of whether they’re equipped in the kinetic or energy weapon slot.

For kinetic shotguns some good options include Perfect Paradox, Dust Rock Blues, and Imperial Decree, while over on the energy side of the equation there are solid standbys like Python, Mindbender’s Ambition, and Lord of Wolves. If you also happen to have a heavy slot shotgun like Tractor Cannon or Legend of Acrius, so much the better.

To The Moon

When your shotgun kills grind is finally over, you’ll be sent over to the Moon to speak with Rasputin in the Lunar Bunker. After speaking with Rasputin from the bunker’s main console, you’ll then be directed over to the large door where you’d normally trigger the Bunker Buster daily mission so you can activate a quest marker called ‘Warmind Heuristics.’

Triggering the quest marker will load you into an instanced mission called ‘The Tyrant’ which, despite its ominous-sounding name, is actually pretty simple and straightforward. There are no enemies to fight or puzzles to solve, all you’ll really do is travel around the bunker’s interior and hear snippets of lore from Ana as you view holographic projections summoned by Rasputin.

Eventually, you’ll venture down into the bunker’s depths and emerge in a massive chamber housing a large warsat. As you approach the warsat, a coffin-like chamber will rise, and the figure in the chamber will be holding Felwinter’s Lie, ready for you to claim. After a little more lore exposition from Ana and Rasputin, the mission (and The Lie quest as a whole) will be completed.  

Felwinter’s Lie

The Felwinter’s Lie shotgun you retrieve from the Lunar Bunker comes fully masterworked, and its high power level should help bump your character’s average up a bit if you’ve been slacking in your endgame gear-collecting duties this season.

As for perks and traits, Felwinter’s Lie is equipped with a unique ‘Shot Package’ intrinsic trait which, per its description, functions as an aggressive frame with a “more uniform pellet spread.” The weapon’s perk loadout is as follows:

  • Full Choke: Reduces projectile spread when aiming down sights at the cost of precision damage
  • Accurized Rounds: Increases maximum range
  • Slideshot: Whenever you perform a slide, the weapon’s magazine is partially reloaded and its range and stability are temporarily improved
  • Quickdraw: The weapon can be drawn unbelievably fast
  • Opening Shot: The first shot fired during an attack has improved accuracy and range
  • Vorpal Weapon: Increased damage against bosses, vehicles, and Guardians with their supers active

Thanks to its perk loadout, Felwinter’s Lie can be an absolute PvP monster in the right hands, and it’s not too shabby in PvE either. Just note that certain perks share the same perk category slot, which means only one can be active at a time. In this case, players need to choose between Slideshot or Quickdraw and between Opening Shot or Vorpal Weapon. Since it’s fully masterworked, you can also activate a kill tracker for Felwinter’s Lie to see how many hostile NPC’s and/or enemy players you kill with it.

As of this writing, it’s not clear whether The Lie quest will go away once Destiny 2’s Season of the Worthy ends in a few weeks, but our guess is that it will. Therefore, if you want a guaranteed opportunity to add a powerful new shotgun to your arsenal for not too much effort, be sure to get in and complete the quest at your earliest convenience.