Destiny 2: How to get all the rewards for Crimson Days 2020

Destiny 2’s annual Valentines-themed event Crimson Days has officially come around for another go, affording lonely hearts from all over the opportunity to participate in the event’s unique Crimson Doubles PvP mode and earn some sweet rewards in the process. In this guide we’ll go over just what the 2020 iteration of Crimson Days entails, how players can maximize their event participation efforts, and, most important of all, how they can earn all of the event’s unique gear, cosmetic items, and other rewards.

What Is Crimson Days?

Crimson Days is a limited-time Destiny 2 event with a festive Valentine’s Day theme. The event only lasts for a week, which means it will end on Tuesday, February 18, so there’s precious little time to soak in the Tower’s red confetti makeover and take advantage of the event’s unique features.

Thankfully, the Crimson Days event isn’t too terribly complicated, and the 2020 iteration isn’t too drastically different from previous years’ events. The Tower’s resident PvP patron, Lord Shaxx, serves as the dedicated vendor for Crimson Days by offering unique weekly and daily bounties for players to complete. Lord Shaxx is also the guy to visit if you want to redeem the event’s unique ‘Confectionary Hearts’ currency on event-specific items.

Bounties And Doubles

There are two ways to earn Confectionary Hearts: by completing Crimson Days bounties and playing matches of the event’s unique 2v2 Crucible mode ‘Crimson Doubles.’ In Crimson Doubles, teams that stick close together will benefit from enhanced ability regeneration, but if they stray too far from each other the enemy team will be able to track them until they reunite.

The first time you speak to Lord Shaxx while Crimson Days is active, he’ll also gift you a ‘Fire of the Crimson Days’ emblem. This emblem tracks the number of enemy players you’ve defeated in Crimson Doubles matches, affording you some bragging rights if that’s your thing.

Completing a match of Crimson Doubles awards roughly 5-15 Confectionary Hearts based on your team’s performance. Finishing a Crimson Doubles daily bounty, meanwhile, awards a guaranteed 15 Hearts while weekly bounties award 75 Hearts. A majority of the available Crimson Days bounties involve playing Crimson Doubles, but there are some that are tied to PvE activities as well (a few require being in a fireteam of two people so be sure to recruit a friend if you can).

Even if the associated event rewards don’t interest you, all Crimson Days bounties also award double XP upon completion, making them well worth pursuing if you’re also looking to boost your seasonal artifact level and/or your season pass rank. Of course, if you do want to sample the unique Crimson Days rewards Lord Shaxx has on offer, there’s quite a selection to choose from.   

Sweet Treats

Last year, Bungie tempted many Destiny 2 players into giving Crimson Doubles a go by offering a powerful max-level masterworked bow called The Vow. This year, The Vow is once again available for 100 Confectionary Hearts, but it has the same weapon perks that it did last year. If you already earned The Vow last year, there’s little incentive to earn it again this year since you can just pull it from your Collections tab. If, however, you have yet to add The Vow to your arsenal, you definitely should, especially since 100 Confectionary Hearts can easily be accrued after just a day or two of playing.

Aside from The Vow, this year’s Crimson Days event is also offering a unique pair of Sparrow mounts which, when ridden side-by-side, form a red Crimson Bond sigil. The two Sparrows, SVC-12 and IVC-10, are available for 50 Confectionary Hearts each (fun fact: the new Sparrows’ names refer to specific veins in the body that help to pump blood to the heart, thanks Reddit!).

If Sparrows and bows aren’t your jam, Crimson Days has several other cosmetic rewards on offer. Here’s everything else you can spend your Confectionary Hearts on while the event is active:

  • ‘Dieselpunk’ ornament for the Wardcliff Coil rocket launcher – 125 Hearts
  • ‘Flaunting Dance’ emote – 150 Hearts
  • ‘Tirastrella’ Ghost shell -  25 Hearts
  • ‘Undeterred’ Sparrow – 50 Hearts
  • Warmhearted Gift (awards Glimmer and a random gear piece or weapon) – 5 Hearts

There are also some Crimson Days-themed Eververse items you can buy, though aside from a new ‘Heartfelt Unison’ two-player emote it’s just the same items that were available last year. And of course since they’re Eververse items you’ll need to fork over some real cash to claim them.

Lastly, if you didn’t complete any of the Crimson Days Triumphs from last year, they’re once again eligible for completion. There are nine Triumphs in total and finishing them all allows you to unlock a bonus tenth Triumph which awards the ‘Sugary Shell’ Ghost shell.

Again, Crimson Days is only live until Destiny 2’s Tuesday, February 18 weekly reset, so be sure to get in there and earn the event’s rewards while you can. Even if you’re not a big PvP fan, you can still take full advantage of the event’s double XP bounties, add some festive new items to your collection, and maybe go on a Sparrow joyride with that special someone.