Destiny 2: How to find Banshee-44’s workshop and get the Leviathan’s Breath Exotic Bow

With Destiny 2’s October 22 daily reset, Bungie has added a new Exotic quest into the game, a quest which awards the unique ‘Leviathan’s Breath’ Bow upon completion. The Leviathan’s Breath quest is sadly only available to those who purchased the Season of the Undying’s season pass (the pass is included with the recently launched Shadowkeep expansion), but the quest itself thankfully doesn’t take too long to finish. Still, there are a few puzzles that need solving and some grinding to work through, as is typical with Destiny 2’s Exotic weapon quests.

If you’d rather just take out all the guesswork and finish the Leviathan’s Breath quest as efficiently as possible, we’ve got you covered with the below guide.

Visit Banshee-44 in the Tower

To kick off the ‘Make Bows, Not War’ quest that leads to Leviathan’s Breath, you’ll first want to visit Banshee-44 in the Tower. He’ll direct you to a weapon locker that’s tucked away somewhere near the Tower’s Hangar area, but you’ll notice there’s no waypoint to guide you to the locker’s location. To find the locker, you’ll need to do some platforming and jump-puzzling to reach a part of the Tower you’ve likely never been to before.

The process of finding the locker is a bit too intricate to explain in text form, so we went ahead and embedded the below video from YouTuber iiDutchboyy which shows you exactly where you’ll need to go.

Once you finally reach the locker, you’ll discover that it’s locked (guess it wouldn’t be a locker otherwise). You’ll then be directed to speak with Banshee-44 who will tell you that disabling the lock requires a special rotating keycode. To generate the code, you’ll need to perform a series of additional tasks, the first of which is completing either Vanguard Strikes or Gambit matches.

Strikes and Gambit

For this first task, you need to fill a percentage gauge by completing Vanguard Strikes and/or Gambit matches. The quest step’s tooltip says that Nightfall Strikes and Gambit Prime matches grant the most progress, but unless you’ve got some other Gambit-related tasks you need to finish, we recommend just doing the Nightfall: The Ordeal Strike on the 750 Adept difficulty level.

Each completion of the Nightfall: The Ordeal Strike fills 50 percent of the gauge, which means that two runs are all that’s needed to fill the gauge completely. Standard Vanguard Strikes also fill the gauge, but only at 20 percent per completion, which means you’ll need to finish five Strikes total. We didn’t play any Gambit matches for the quest step so we can’t attest as to how much each match completion fills the gauge, but reports suggest that a single Gambit Prime match grants 25 percent progress for a loss and 35 percent for a win.

Precision Bow Kills Against Cabal and Vex

After filling the Strikes/Gambit gauge, you’ll need to fill a second percentage gauge by scoring precision kills against either Cabal or Vex enemies using any Bow weapon. If you don’t already have a Bow on hand, you can just pull one from your Collections tab. Mercury is also the ideal location for completing this objective since the only two enemy factions it contains just happen to be the two you need, Cabal and Vex. Just do laps around the planet’s patrol zone, precision killing any enemies you encounter with your bow until the gauge is filled.

You need to precision kill a decent amount of enemies to fill the gauge so be patient. Also, from our experience any Vex enemies killed as part of Mercury’s ‘Vex Crossroads’ public event don’t count towards the quest step’s progress, so if the public event triggers you’re better off just loading into another patrol zone instance or heading down into a Lost Sector.

The Arms Dealer

The final step standing between you and the Leviathan’s Breath Exotic Bow is an “epic reprise” of the ‘Arms Dealer’ Strike in the EDZ. If you put your cursor over the Arms Dealer node in the EDZ’s Director page, you’ll notice it now has a recommended power level of 900. Don’t let that low recommended power level fool you though, this reprised Strike can be a real PITA, especially if you don’t have some friends you can coordinate with.

The Arms Dealer reprise does technically support matchmaking, but the enemies you’ll face in the Strike also benefit from not one but three incredibly annoying Strike modifiers: Iron, Blackout, and a third modifier that makes players take increased damage from all elemental types (Solar, Arc, and Void). Even if you’re sitting comfortably above the 900 power requirement, this reprised Strike will most certainly test your patience, particularly during the final boss fight.

Whether you’re playing with random strangers or friends, the best advice we can offer for the final boss fight is to keep moving and always watch your surroundings. Since the Blackout modifier disables your radar, enemies can sneak up on you with surprising ease, and the Blackout modifier also means they can often kill you with a single melee attack. To make matters worse, laser-guided missile strikes will constantly assail you and your teammates, hence why it’s best that you never stand still for too long.

Additional enemies will continuously spawn in until the boss is dead, so if you can coordinate with your team it’s usually best to have two people focusing on non-boss enemies while the third keeps damaging the boss as much as they’re able. If you have a Hunter on your team, any Nightstalker abilities that grant invisibility can be a real lifesaver if the Hunter has to make a clutch revive or a speedy retreat. Titans and Warlocks, meanwhile, should make use of the Ward of Dawn and Well of Radiance respectively to give the team more survivability.

Having your entire team wipe and being forced to restart the fight after investing 20+ minutes can be incredibly demoralizing, but just keep at it, watch your six, and support your teammates as much as you can and you should eventually prove victorious.

Take a Breath

Once you finally triumph in the reprised Arms Dealer Strike, you’ll be sent back to Banshee-44 to complete the locker unlock code. Of course, Leviathan’s Breath is still waiting up in the locker itself, which means you’ll need to complete the Tower platforming sequence a second time. Make your way back up to the locker and Leviathan’s Breath will be yours.

As with previous Exotics like Divinity and Deathbringer, Leviathan’s Breath comes equipped with two unique perks that work in tandem. First, the ‘Big Game Hunter’ perk causes the Bow to fire massive heavy bolts which can stagger unshielded enemies and deal heavy damage to Unstoppable Champions. Thanks to its ‘Leviathan’s Sigh’ perk, the Bow’s bolts also knock nearby enemies away when Leviathan’s Breath is fully drawn.

Like Destiny 2’s other Bow weapons, Leviathan’s Breath requires a steady hand for effective use. However, it can be an absolute powerhouse against tough enemies (or other Guardians), making it an effective addition to your arsenal. As long as you’re prepared for the stiff challenge of the reprised Arms Dealer Strike, earning your very own Leviathan’s Breath shouldn’t be too taxing, especially given the quest chain’s surprisingly short total length.