Destiny 2: Full details and trailer analysis

If there was any shooter that ushered in our current console generation, it had to be Destiny. This Bungie title combined RPG mechanics, a sci-fi atmosphere, and a sense of humor to create an immensely addictive experience. Some would argue that it was exclusive Destiny content that gave the PS4 the edge it needed to pull ahead early on in the console wars.

But we haven’t seen or heard much from the Destiny design team aside from DLC packs and content updates… until now. A few days ago we received a rather humorous teaser coupled with a countdown clock. Today, that countdown completed and we finally got to see a trailer for Destiny 2 in all its glory.

Are the Cabal invading? What is the fate of the Tower? Will we hear more snarky voice quips from Nathan Fillion?

Let’s take a look.

A Trailer Short on Details

Unfortunately, the official trailer didn’t have any gameplay to show, but it certainly had a story to tell. In the words of Cayde, everything is gone. The Vault is blown up. The Tower is blown up. Everything you knew and loved is gone because the Cabal wrecked EVERYTHING, including the Traveler! Unlike the adventuresome plot of Destiny, Destiny 2 appears to be about resistance. The trailer itself is mostly two contrasting rallying cries, one by Zavala and one by Cayde, and all the rest of the action is shown in hectic flashes to raging battles.

The Cabal are scary in this trailer. We get to see units with upgraded armor, including a hulking bruiser with a massive change. They appear to have tamed some sort of dog-like aliens, which we theorize will be a new enemy type. We see heavy machine guns, chain lighting, a ton of different melee units, as well as a hefty amount of aerial combat. Then there’s Destiny 2’s big bad villain, Gary! I mean… Ghaul, a hulking juggernaut with an entire legion at his control.

I’d like to say that there is more to this trailer, more scenes to pick apart, more gameplay teases, but there really isn’t. The trailer is a slightly humorous call to action.

What We Know

But Activision wasn’t going to disappoint, so they let loose a huge deluge of information right after the trailer dropped. The first major announcement was that Destiny 2 would be coming out on PS4, Xbox One, and most surprisingly, PC. There have also been some murmurs about cross-platform play, though this hasn’t been officially confirmed.

Second was the reveal of an expansion pass. This pass will give players access to two expansion packs “offering brand new story missions, cooperative activities, competitive multiplayer, and a wealth of new weapons, armor, and gear.” The exact content of these packs is not yet known, of course, but we do have confirmation that they will be paid, not free, DLC.

We also know how big the game is going to be. Right now, it’s estimated to be a hulking 68 GB large before any DLC, and according to Activision that total may increase during development.

Then we have the many, many different versions of the game you can pre-order. The Digital Deluxe version will include the main game, expansion pass, and “premium digital content” including a legendary sword, emote, and a Cabal Empire themed emblem for 80 dollars. If you feel like spending a little bit more money, you can get the Limited Edition for a cool 100 dollars, which comes with everything the Digital Deluxe version has, as well as a SteelBook case and a Cabal-Themed Collector’s Box filled with a booklet of secrets on the Cabal Empire, a Cabal schematic, collectible postcards, and Cabal military pawns. Finally, the true fanatics among you can shell out 250 dollars for the Collectors Edition, which includes everything that we mentioned above, a Destiny 2 Frontier Bag with Laptop sleeve, and a Frontier Kit including a solar panel USB charger, a solar charging light, paracord, and a solar blanket.

All versions except for the Limited Edition will be available at Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop, and all digital versions will be available from the PlayStation Store. The Limited Edition will be a GameStop exclusive. In addition, pre-ordering Destiny 2 will give you access to the Destiny 2 beta this summer.

That’s all the info we have for you today, but don’t worry because far more info will be coming soon. An official gameplay reveal is slated for May 18, so come back then for a look at how the game plays.