Destiny 2 Forsaken: How to get the Ace of Spades Exotic hand cannon

One of the most prized new Exotic weapons in Destiny 2’s Forsaken expansion is undoubtedly the Ace of Spades hand cannon, the signature weapon of the wisecracking Hunter Vanguard Cayde-6. Unlike many other Exotic finds in Destiny 2, the Ace of Spades isn’t acquired as a luck-based random drop but is instead earned via an in-depth quest chain, providing a guaranteed path for players who are willing to put the time in. However, as this guide will show, anyone hoping to add the Ace of Spades to their arsenal should be prepared for a lengthy endeavor which involves both PvE and PvP play.

Finish the Forsaken story campaign

During Forsaken’s new story campaign, the Tower’s resident gunsmith Banshee-44 will task you with retrieving the Ace of Spades from the campaign’s main antagonist, Prince Uldren. As you might have already guessed by now, you won’t be able to complete that particular task until Uldren is defeated, i.e. you complete the story campaign. Once the campaign is wrapped up, a broken version of the Ace of Spades will be automatically added to your inventory, and Banshee-44 will have a series of additional tasks that need finishing in order to “restore” the weapon to its former glory.

Note that the following tasks can only be done one after the other and only in the order they’re listed (so Gambit first, then strikes, then Crucible, etc.).


The first restoration task that Banshee-44 gives you also happens to be one of the toughest. You have to play Gambit matches and land the killing blow on an invading enemy player with a hand cannon five separate times. The wording of the quest step is a little wonky but reports confirm that only kills against enemy invaders count, you won’t get any credit for kills you earn while you’re invading the enemy team. You can use any hand cannon you want, though the consensus seems to be that weapons like Midnight Coup, Better Devils, and even the Sturm/Drang combo are all solid picks for quickly bringing invaders low.

UPDATE: With Destiny 2's hotfix, Bungie has actually tweaked this part of the quest chain. Now, completing this step requires the player to fill up a percentage gauge by killing either AI enemies or invaders with a hand cannon while playing Gambit. Killing enemy invaders will fill the gauge faster, but it's no longer the only way to progress this particular step.


With the five Gambit invader kills quest step in the bag, Banshee-44 will send you over to run some cooperative strikes. Specifically, you’ll have to rack up a total of 250 hand cannon kills across any number of strikes. Naturally having some friends who can let you farm kills is a plus, but even if you’re matchmaking solo you should eventually be able to fulfill this requirement with little effort.


And now for the top slice of bread in the difficult-easy-difficult Ace of Spades quest chain. For this step, Banshee-44 needs you to earn 25 hand cannon kills in the Crucible. However, regular kills won’t cut it, they have to be precision kills (i.e. headshots) for it to count. In case you don’t already know, you can tell when you’re inflicting precision damage since the floating numbers will be yellow as opposed to white.

Cayde’s Caches

Now that the really difficult work is over, your next goal will be to find a series of Cayde-6’s stashes which are hidden throughout the solar system. There are four stashes in total, each of which is found on a different planet. We’ve listed the planets below and provided links to map images that show where exactly you can locate each stash.

Ace in the Hole

Once all four of Cayde-6’s stashes have been located, Banshee-44 will direct players over to a newly unlocked story mission called Ace in the Hole which will be located on the planet Titan. We won’t spoil the contents of the mission here but once the mission is over you can return to Banshee-44’s Tower shop one last time and he’ll present you with your very own Ace of Spades hand cannon.