Deltarune: How to find the broken keys and fight the secret boss

An Undertale game wouldn’t be an Undertale game without its fair share of secrets and the new follow-up Deltarune is no exception. It has its own secret boss, and to fight it you need to jump through quite a few hoops. Luckily, we are here to guide you, step by step through the whole process.

The secret boss is locked in the basement of the card castle. When you check the elevator you will find that one of the options is labeled “??????.” While this is usually code for “you haven’t discovered this floor yet” you can actually select the questions marks in order to travel down to the lowest floor of the castle’s dungeon. There you will find a mysterious figure cloaked in shadow behind metal bars.

This figure will ask you to repair a key to let him out of his confines. He gives you a clue, but we are more than happy to just tell you how.

Key #1 – The Old Shopkeep

There are only two shops in Deltarune, one in the card castle and one in the fields. The shopkeep in the fields has the first piece of the key. Simply visit him any time after talking to the mysterious prisoner. One of his dialogue options will be highlighted in yellow. Choose this dialogue option to hear more of the prisoner’s past, and get the first piece of the key.

Key #2 – The Forest Dance

In the middle of the forest you’ll come across an action sequence where strange figures dance in circular paths. You might be having a problem getting to the lower right chest. This is where the second piece of the key is. To get there, you need to go to the lower left circle of dancers. On the bottom portion of the circle there is an invisible path. Follow it and you will eventually end up at the chest you couldn’t reach.

Key #3 – The Secret Code

At the end of the fields, right before you get to the checkerboard before the card-castle, you can take a path upward to find a card-key lock. The password is the order of suit rooms you visit in the card castle or Diamond, Heart, Clover, Spade. Simply enter the combination to get to a treasure chest with the third piece of the key

The Smith

Once you have all three pieces of the key, take them to the smith in the forest bake sale. He will repair them for you giving you the key you need to reach the secret boss.

The Jevil

And here he is, the Jevil. Be prepared for a tough fight, because this one is a doozy. He has incredibly tough bullet patterns, tougher than anything else in the game. He’s not as tough as Sans from the original Undertale. In fact he’s not quite as tough as any of the No Mercy run bosses. However, he is still the hardest that this game has to offer.

Update: Beating him non-violently will score you the best armor in the game, while beating him violently will score you the best weapon for Suzie.

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