Death Stranding, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Nioh 2 and everything else at Tokyo Game Show 2019

Tokyo Game Show, Japan’s E3, is in full swing and we are getting a ton of new trailers and announcements from the big keynotes and show floor. Everything from Death Stranding to Kingdom Hearts is on display here, and we are here to run it down for you. Here are the big announcements from this year’s TGS, so far.

Death Stranding

We got an amazing hour long runthrough of Death Stranding’s gameplay, as well as a deeper look at Die-Hard Man and Amelie. There are way too many details to post here, but here’s just a small sample.

  • Sam will have to manage the weight of his equipment, the happiness of his baby, the purity of his blood, his stamina, his boot sturdiness, and even the amount of likes he gets on social networks. All of these stats can actually be found in the menu.
  • Weight management will actually be location based. You can store things in different points of Sam’s body depending on your loadout. So, for example, you can keep grenades on a grenade belt or carry them in a box on your back.
  • Sam has nine core stats: Movement Speed, Balance, Rugged Terrain Resistance, Sync Level, Battery Capacity, Stamina/Fatigue Resistance, Carrying Capacity, Resistance to Falling Unconscious, and Lung Capacity.
  • The game is completely open world but asks you to plot your own routes through the terrain, similar to Breath of the Wild. On the map screen you can draw your route and a holographic path will be drawn for you in game. Also like Breath of the Wild all cliff faces can be scaled, though you will need climbing gear to do so.
  • When Sam steps foot outside the range of the Chiral Network, he will have less information available to him. Completing quests will extend the range of this network.
  • There is a multiplayer element in which players can leave items and gear in the world for other players to pick up. We were shown a bridge made out of a ladder left by another player in the demo. Players can like items like this, and that might actually give you extra likes in the game. You can also repair cargo left around by other players and drop cargo into post boxes to send it to other players’ games. You can also leave signs for other players, drop recharge stations around the world, and even aid other players in boss fights. It appears as if the central theme of creating connections extends to the multiplayer as well.
  • Human-on-human combat seems to be largely non-lethal. Even the guns shown in the demo incapacitate enemies instead of killing them. Sam can use a variety of other weapons on BTs however, most of which is fueled by his own blood.
  • When you rest for the night in town, you get the option to use the bathroom either standing or sitting… neat.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Another hotly anticipated title, TGS brought us a brand new trailer for the Final Fantasy VII Remake that showed off summon combat, the Turks, some areas of Wall Market, a few new antagonists and a few new takes on recurring ones. It’s nice to see a lot of the mini-games, like the squat challenge, making a return while still not effecting the dark tone of events such as the Sector 7 plate falling. Square-Enix also revealed a deluxe edition which will come with an art book, steelbook case, mini soundtrack CD, and bonus summon materia.

Kingdom Hearts III Re: Mind

The story of Kingdom Hearts isn’t over yet. It appears that they are pulling an End of Evangelion and telling the true ending of the game in this DLC. In it, you will be able to control many characters aside from Sora, Namine will play a bigger part in the story, and you’ll actually get a deeper look into the motivations of the Master of Masters… or at least we hope.

Project Resistance

Capcom’s next Resident Evil game is a departure from the series standard single-player horror to dip into the realm of multiplayer action. This is a 4v1 multiplayer experience in which four survivors attempt to make their way through Resident Evil style levels, while a single Mastermind sends zombies and beasts at them. He can even pilot Mr. X himself, it appears. Hopefully we will see a lot of different RE scenarios from the game’s long and storied history. We would love to see other bosses, like Nemesis, make an appearance as well.

Nioh 2

We got to see a pretty deep gameplay trailer for Nioh 2. Team Ninja’s latest samurai sword fest will put you up against a variety of demons from giant spiders to flaming cat girls and everything in between. We also got a release window for the game, early 2020.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon

We got our first look at some of the gameplay for this turn based sequel/spinoff of the Yakuza series. Battle seems to be largely location based. Players will have to use a variety of their skills to hit multiple enemies at once, or even knock enemies into environmental hazards like passing cars. Players can also use dual techs, as we see one character hold an enemy from behind while another kicks the enemy in the face.

There is also a job system, yes similar to Final Fantasy’s where you will be able to affect your stats and abilities by switching between iconic Yakuza jobs. Don’t worry, there’s still a ton of mini-games to play like any other Yakuza game. You can play pachislots, dance, race go karts, play darts, play golf, go to an arcade, and make friends with a lobster!

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Bandai Namco’s ambitious retelling of the Dragon Ball Z storyline gets even bigger as we got a trailer for the Buu arc this year. The game will launch on January 17, 2020 for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Bandai Namco also unveiled bonus pre-order content, including a new quest, a cooking item that increases your attack and HP, and early access to the game’s training mode. You can also purchase the collector’s edition which comes with a collectible art book and a diorama figurine. 

Dragon Ball FighterZ – Gogeta

Bandai Namco gave us a full showcase the next DBFZ DLC character, Gogeta. Appropriately enough, Gogeta seems to be a fusion of Goku and Vegeta’s playstyles. His special moves have rekka elements like Vegeta’s kicks have. He also has an uppercut style move that causes a wall-bounce. His ki specials are beams, similar to Goku. He has access to both the Kamehameha which is horizontal on the ground and in the air and the Galick Gun which fires diagonally down in the air. He can also summon three copies of himself to bluff which beam he is throwing. Will he be able to break the dominance of GT Goku though?

Guilty Gear

Arc System Works is trying to prove that they are the kings of 2D fighting games with yet another absolutely beautiful Guilty Gear trailer. This time we got to see a more in-depth look at Ky and Sol’s move-sets and capabilities. We also got confirmation that everyone’s favorite pirate girl May will be rejoining the roster. We will see yet another trailer at CEOtaku, September 27-29 this year.

One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows

How do you make a fighting game about a hero that can defeat anyone in one punch? Well Bandai Namco found a way. If you play with any character other than Saitama it’s just a fairly normal 3v3 franchise fighter. However, if you put Saitama on your team, he has to be in the third slot, and you can’t start the match with him.

Instead, he is late to the battle (as he usually is) and is represented by a timer. If you can hold out until the timer counts down, Saitama will enter the battle and, being as overpowered as he is, kill any other character in one punch. However, if the opponent can take out your two characters before he arrives, they will win instead.

Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls

Holy crap, Konami is making games again! This traditional Castlevania platformer looks amazing. You can play as a who’s who of everyone from Castlevania history as you take on Dracula in a fantastic return to form. You can even play in multiplayer with two players on the map at once.

It’s a shame it’s a mobile game though…

What’s to come

Honestly, we are only at the beginning of TGS. The convention is set to last all weekend and there are a lot of new announcements you might want to tune-in for on the 14th and 15th .

  • Both Final Fantasy VII Remake, Project Resistance, and Death Stranding have upcoming presentations on the Sony stage.
  • Square Enix is going to have special presentations for the SaGa series, Mana series, Star Ocean series, as well as the upcoming remaster of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles and their new Avengers game.
  • Capcom will have presentations for Monster Hunter, Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy, and Sengoku Basara.
  • Sega and Atlus have a ton of presentations left to go from Guilty Gear to Persona, Yakuza to Granblue Fantasy, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games to Sakura Wars.
  • Bandai Namco have a new Gundam Game they are going to show off, and will have presentations for a slew of other anime games as well as their new Tales game: Tales of Arise.
  • Koei Tecmo will have presentations for the Atelier series, Fairy Tail, and the new Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate.

So check back here as new news and trailers get released.