Death Stranding: 40 tips I wish I knew before starting - Part 2

Hideo Kojima’s game is huge and so is this article. We have even more tips for budding deliverymen. Be sure to check out part 1 as well.

Place buildings on Chiral Network borders

You can only build inside the range of the Chiral Network. This ensures that you are always heading to dangerous territory the first time you set out to deliver to a new client. Before you hit the Chiral Network’s border build any buildings you need including generators, post-boxes, timefall shelters, and the like. Not only will this ensure that you are fully prepared for the next leg of your journey, but it means that other players will also come across your buildings the first time they push into new territory and will likely award you likes for it.

Build generators next to roads, outposts, and commonly taken footpaths

While vehicles will naturally recharge in daylight, it’s a very slow charge. That’s why it pays to build a generator near every location of interest including delivery outposts, roads, footpaths, and more. This will allow you and other players to keep running in a power skeleton or driving their vehicle without interruption. Roads and bridges connect you to the power grid, preventing your battery from draining, but they don’t actively recharge your battery. Many porters will hop on them with a partially drained battery and getting a top off just makes things that much easier.

Always check the shared locker before fabricating equipment

Other players are absurdly generous and you should take advantage of that generosity. If you are going to make a simple item, like a blood bag, check the shared locker first. Someone probably left one for you there. IF not, then they may have left the raw materials for its creation there. Frankly, you should only fabricate equipment if the shared locker is empty, or if you want to leave something in your own shared locker.

Build timefall shelters outside MULE camps, BT territory, and outposts

Timefall shelters will restore the condition of any piece of cargo inside them. Thus, it pays to build them outside any dangerous territory. That allows you to fight to your heart’s content while knowing you’ll come out with packages still in mint condition. Alternatively, you can build them outside delivery outposts and, once again, be guaranteed a spotless delivery.

Always throw ropes back

This is just common courtesy. If you scale a cliff using a rope but don’t throw it back, then you and other people won’t be able to use it again. Always throw ropes back where you found them to preserve their pathways.

You get likes even if you partially build or upgrade something

Some construction projects are very intimidating. Some roads, for example, take thousands upon thousands of materials to get built. This might make you make you shy away from attempting to complete them, since it will take the majority of your resources stored at multiple outposts.

Don’t worry, try anyway. If you contribute any materials whatsoever, it counts as attempting to build the structure. Then, when the structure is fully built, you’ll still get likes for it when people use it. You don’t have to be the one to complete it, you just have to help. Help enough and someone will be along to finish the job.

Leave useful signs, they cost nothing, get you likes, and act as free power-ups

Signs are more than just a way to communicate with other players. They are actually miniature power-ups. Arrow signs will give vehicles or Sam a boost when he runs through them. BB signs will make him happy and calm. Stamina signs will refill your stamina. There are even signs that just award free likes. Don’t ignore signs. At the very least put some restorative signs next to outposts to help people recover from their journey.

Leave signs to request items and leave requested items at signs

If you are finding it difficult to traverse certain terrain, leave a sign asking for a ladder, rope, or bridge. If someone comes along and places the requested item there, both they and you will get likes.

Don’t ignore strand contracts

When you start the game the items that you see will be chosen from a random pool of people. However, if you find that someone’s items are more helpful than others, you can form a strand contract with them to see their items and buildings more often. Honestly, just for strand contracts with the players who have the most likes, because they are essentially the most useful.

Always give maximum likes

Look, if you are going to like something then smash that like button! Just go wild on it. Seriously. It costs you nothing and it helps another player out by giving them XP. Like them enough and you’ll get more of their items and likes in return! It’s a symbiotic relationship.

If the Death Stranding servers crash, just wait a moment and check that you are online in the menu before continuing

Playing Death Stranding in offline mode is akin to playing on super hard mode. The game is designed for other players’ items and buildings to be around. It’s meant for us all to work together. If the servers go offline, then you won’t be able to see anything new. You won’t lose any items or buildings that are already there, but you are on your own from that point on. Honestly, if that happens it’s better to just take a break.

Vehicles always get fully repaired when stored in a garage

Is your bike sparking and sputtering? Not to worry! Just shove it in a garage and take it out again. Doing so will restore it to peak working condition.

Always give the highest value jobs to bots

Eventually you’ll unlock the ability to send bots on delivery jobs. Always choose the jobs with the highest likes for these bots. That will increase your connection rating and get you the most XP the quickest. Bots can only take one job at a time, so you should always look for the best return. Sam, on the other hand, can take as many jobs as he wants, so it’s very easy for him to knock out several low like jobs all at once.

Remember, Sam can carry extra cargo in his hands

If you are struggling to find a place to fit a few extra pieces of cargo, remember that Sam can pick up and hold cargo with the left and right triggers. While this removes your ability to steady yourself, it allows you to easily carry huge heavy pieces of cargo without them taking up space in your backpack.

Before you set out for a destination, check the shared locker for abandoned deliveries

If you have extra cargo space, fill it up! Check shared lockers for abandoned deliveries to your destination. You won’t get any standard likes for it, but you will get likes in the online category which will still upgrade your stats.

Look to the sky for strands

If you look up to the sky you’ll see strands extending downward. This will give you an idea of what is on the horizon. Blue strands are items an cargo you can pick up. Green strands are useful buildings and equipment left by other players. Black strands are BTs and can give you an idea of what areas to avoid.

If you are planning to face a BT, put your cargo on hover dollies

If your cargo is stacked high on your back then it will scatter everywhere if you get caught by BTs. However, if it is put on a hover platform it will either A) come with you to the fight even after you fall down or B) harmlessly detach when you are pulled away letting you backtrack to it after the fight and pick it up all at once. Either way, it’s much better than having your cargo spread around in the death tar.

Rest in cairns

If you find a cairn hologram somewhere, this signifies a location another player slept in. Sleeping there will restore your stamina and health quicker than resting out in the open.

Build safe-houses near out of the way mission spots

Some recurring mission locations are out in the middle of nowhere. You should build a safe-house near these locations so that you and other players can rest, save, and even fast-travel to these locations. It will make them much easier to deliver to.

Some people can only be connected to the network through randomly found junk

Not every delivery location is traveled to via the game’s main missions or even standard deliveries. Some can only be found by picking up random junk on the map. If a piece of abandoned cargo has a location you don’t recognize on it, hunt it down on the map. You might find an out of the way delivery stop you wouldn’t have otherwise noticed.

That’s all the tips we have for you today. Now get out there and make some deliveries!