Dead Rising 4’s Capcom Heroes mode gets its own zany trailer

As part of its upcoming Frank’s Big Package’ definitive edition re-release, Dead Rising 4 will be getting a free new mode called Capcom Heroes, and a recently released trailer shows just how much the mode will ratchet up the game’s already high levels of craziness.

In Capcom Heroes, players will be able to dress Frank up as a large variety of different Capcom personalities, using their signature attacks and weaponry to lay waste to any zombies he encounters. The mode will apparently include “over a dozen” characters for Frank to dress up as, and so far Capcom has confirmed the following:

  • X from Mega Man X
  • Cammy from the Street Fighter series
  • Sissel from Ghost Trick
  • Classic Frank from the original Dead Rising
  • Undead Frank from the Frank Rising expansion
  • Adam the Clown from the original Dead Rising
  • Dante from Devil May Cry

A majority of the outfits will be available via arcade cabinets that are spread throughout the world, but players will also have to unlock certain outfits by purchasing them from vendors or by finding a series of collectibles. There will also be a new series of ‘Hero Training’ side-missions that task the player with completing objectives using a specific character outfit. Beating these Hero Training missions will unlock new variants and upgrades for their associated character outfit.

You can watch the full trailer for Capcom Heroes above. Both Capcom Heroes and Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package are set to arrive on December 5.