DC Universe Online is now available on Xbox One

Back in January of this year, Daybreak Game Company (formerly Sony Online Entertainment) announced that its venerable superhero MMO DC Universe Online would be coming to the Xbox One console, but it didn’t give a release window more narrow than “Spring, 2016.” Now, Daybreak has finally confirmed the exact day when Xbox One players will be able to hop into the online DC universe, and that day just so happens to be today.

Starting now, Xbox One players who have an active Xbox Live Gold membership can download and play DCUO for free. The game utilizes a free-to-play model which is actually quite generous, allowing players to experience the entire core questline (which takes players from level 1 to the game’s level cap of 30) without paying a cent. Several DLC packs and other in-game purchases are also available, with access to all DLC packs being granted if players are willing to pay a monthly subscription fee (the DLC packs can be purchased individually as well). Daybreak is also offering some Xbox One-exclusive items to anyone who tries the game out: an exclusive character emblem, a cape for the player’s characters to wear, and a vapor aura which permanently covers the player’s character in a shroud of mist.

Non-Xbox DC fans who want to give DC Universe Online a try can also download the game for PC, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4.