DC Universe Online is getting some major changes

Daybreak Games has announced it will be making a sweeping series of changes to DC Universe Online’s combat and skill systems in order to make the game more accessible for new players and more open for experienced players.

As was recently detailed in this post on the DCUO forums, the proposed changes are summarized thusly (text courtesy of Daybreak):

  • Revamping Stats
  • Removing Advanced Mechanics and Weapon Mastery Bonuses
  • Enhancing Supercharges
  • Modifying Power and Power Regeneration
  • Removing Power Points
  • Ending Midrange
  • Preparing For The Future

A more detailed breakdown of the above bullet points can be found in the forum post, but basically, the way stats are gained and distributed is getting an overhaul, advanced mechanics and weapon mastery are being removed entirely, power points are being traded out for a new system which awards all available powers in a power tier for leveling up, and the midrange distance modifier for attacks is being phased out.

Daybreak hopes to put the above changes into DCUO’s public test server soon, but it doesn’t yet have a clear timetable for when the changes will roll out to public servers.