Darksiders 3 is officially real, will launch in 2018

When publisher THQ folded in 2012, fans of Vigil Games’ Darksiders franchise (which THQ published) worried that the series would slip into eternal dormancy despite the strong positive reception of both Darksiders and Darksiders 2. However, when Nordic Games rebranded itself as THQ Nordic, it promised to look into a revival of the series and now it has made good on that promise by officially announcing that Darksiders 3 exits and will be released next year.

Darksiders 3 is being developed by Gunfire Games, a studio which includes several members who were once part of Vigil Games. While the original Darksiders starred the apocalyptic horseman War and the sequel shifted over to his brother Death, Darksiders 3 will allow players to control the female horseman Fury as she seeks out the physical manifestations of the seven deadly sins so that she can put a permanent end to their dark reign. Going by the images that are shown in this Amazon pre-order page, it looks like players will once again get to explore lush and chaotic worlds, and wield a variety of different weapons and powers including Fury’s signature whip.

A final release date hasn’t yet been announced (the Amazon page says December 31, 2018, but that’s assuredly a placeholder date), but Darksiders 3 should arrive sometime in 2018. If the screens shown on the Amazon page are any indication, it looks like the five years players have had to wait since the launch of Darksiders 2 were well worth it. You can watch the game’s reveal trailer (no gameplay is included sadly) below courtesy of IGN First.