Dark Soles: Someone just beat Dark Souls III using nothing but his feet

We've heard of a lot of players doing crazy, silly things to beat some of the world's most difficult games. It's an obscure art, and requires an insane amount of in-game knowledge, hours of practice, and just a smidgen of talent to pull off.

Of course, this is the first time we've seen someone beat any game with nothing but the toes that the Sun gave them, and it's especially impressive considering the game they conquered was none other than Dark Souls III. Yet it only takes a short stroll through Celesterian Games channel to realize that he's got more than enough experience to pull it off. Bare Fist-only runs of Bloodborne, no damage runs of all of the bosses in Dark Souls III, the list goes on and on and only gets more impressive the more you browse.

You can see Celesterian's toes in action in the video above against Yhorm the Giant, and find a full playlist of the run here.

Almost too easy

This is the only video where our dexterous young hero looks remotely worried, because he considers it one of the hardest battles for his nimble wigglers. But because he's not actively holding a controller for much of it it's almost like watching someone experiencing a particularly intense movie from the ankles up, while his toes move madly across the controller dealing damage or dodging attacks from Dark Souls' finest.

Aside from this battle, Celesterian makes the whole series look almost easy, often idly snacking with his hands while beating the living tar out of bosses large and small with his little piggies. It just seems so hilariously efficient, like he's ascended to some kind of new gaming power level unseen on earth, able to play even the most difficult games with his feet while snacking on his gamer fuel of choice.

At first glance it seems almost too insane to believe, but at the end of each video Celesterian moves his camera to show his character spinning in circles in time with the movements of his controller. Sure, he could still be using some elaborate system to fake it, but watching his toes work the dodge and attack button in perfect sync gives the impression that it's highly unlikely, he just has mad skills and deserves all the kudos for showing that he has the soles to beat Dark Souls III.