Crystal Dynamics celebrates 25 years of making games with a retrospective video

Since 1992, Crystal Dynamics has been making some of the most iconic and unique adventure games in the entire industry, and now the studio is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a retrospective video that touches on how far it has come and what the future holds.

These days, Crystal Dynamics is best known for the Tomb Raider series, a series which has once again been dominating the gaming forefront thanks to the newly rebooted entries that began with 2013’s aptly named Tomb Raider. Of course, longtime fans of Crystal Dynamics will also remember that the studio is also responsible for the Legacy of Kain franchise as well as more niche projects like Gex: Enter the Gecko. Now, in addition to yet another new Tomb Raider game, Crystal Dynamics is also hard at work on a game based off of Disney’s and Marvel’s Avengers property, a game which we’ll hopefully learn more about in 2018.

You can watch the full 25th Anniversary retrospective video above.