Crucible: The best hunters to pick for new players

Much in the vein of established shooter games like Overwatch and Apex Legends, Amazon Game Studios’ debut title Crucible sports a diverse roster of unique characters, called ‘Hunters’ in the game’s parlance, for players to control. Each of these Hunters has their own weaponry, active skills, and intended playstyles, and this naturally means that different Hunters require varying degrees of skill on the part of the player controlling them.

Below, we’ve listed several Crucible Hunters who are well suited for new players, be they existing hero shooter fans or not. We’ve also covered a few intermediate Hunters that players can transition over to once they’ve mastered Crucible’s gameplay fundamentals.

Best Hunters for New Players

Captain Mendoza

Captain Mendoza’s simple and straightforward ability loadout may not be as flashy as some of Crucible’s other playable Hunters, but that simplicity also makes him one of the easiest Hunters to learn and master. Along with his iron sights-enabled plasma rifle, Mendoza can chuck flash grenades, utilize a sprint ability with no duration limits or cooldown, and even call down a supply drop equipped with a medkit and a bunker which acts as a personal cover.

As with most other Crucible Hunters, Mendoza is at his strongest when he’s in the thick of a group battle supporting his teammates with covering fire and using his abilities to flank and disorient his enemies. Even on his own, though, Mendoza has the firepower and support-based functionality to ensure he won’t go down without a fight.


Despite being a somewhat bigger target than Captain Mendoza, the rowdy quad cannon-wielding Earl is another excellent choice for new players since he’s one of the tankiest and most self-sufficient Hunters on Crucible’s roster. Using his quad cannon, Earl can sling a torrent of bullets at enemies from afar and trigger his ‘Upshift’ ability to cycle in some explosive rounds for good measure.

As for utility, Earl can trigger his cannon’s blowback vents to knock back nearby enemies and deflect incoming projectiles. He can also zip around the map using his cannon’s afterburner and chug a beverage for an immediate health boost. When played right, Earl can effectively defend points or lead an offensive charge even when he’s outnumbered, and his effectiveness is only amplified when he’s working alongside a group of teammates.     

Rahi & Brother

Rahi and his lovable robot companion Brother might not seem like a newbie-friendly pair at first glance, but their unique tandem playstyle is perfect for new players who like to balance their offensive capabilities with some team-focused support.

By hitting enemies with his default laser beam attack, Rahi slowly builds up a personal shield which he can then expend to add heft to his alt-fire force punch melee attack. Rahi can also trigger his ‘Laugh it Off’ ability which channels the personal shield charge he’s gained into a circular barrier that blocks all incoming damage. If there are any allies nearby, Rahi can send a ‘Shield of Justice’ projectile their way which both protects them and temporarily blinds any enemies it hits along the way.

Brother factors into Rahi’s unique ‘Scouting Ahead/To The Rescue’ movement ability. A single use of the ability sends Brother ahead to a location of the player’s choosing. Once Brother is in place, the player can activate the ability again to have Rahi instantly teleport to Brother’s location. This ability can help skilled Rahi players flank unsuspecting enemies, traverse the map quickly, or make a quick escape if an enemy tries to ambush them.


The botany-centric robot Bugg was designed for Crucible players who feel they’d be of better use supporting their teammates using auxiliary abilities rather than directly engaging enemies. Bugg’s playstyle revolves around laying down seed pods and then spraying them to help them bloom into plants. Once a seed pod plant has bloomed, it will automatically attack any nearby enemies in range, allowing clever Bugg players to defend key objectives or set up choke point ambushes.

Along with his seed pods and spray, Bugg can also trigger his thrusters in case he needs to get to a distant landmark quickly and/or make a quick getaway. When in combat, Bugg can make use of his ‘Shield Burst’ ability to give himself, his seed pods and plants, and any nearby allies a temporary overshield. More aggressive Bugg players can also punish bunched-up groups of enemies by dropping an area-of-effect gas trail that slows and damages any enemies in the vicinity.

On his own, Bugg has enough utility to make him an ideal support character pick, but as part of a well-organized group he can really bring the pain to any enemies foolish enough to underestimate him.

Best Hunters for Intermediate Players


Players who enjoy Captain Mendoza’s more familiar soldier-based playstyle but who also want to snipe enemies from afar should definitely give Ajonah a try. Similarly to Mendoza, Ajonah’s alt-fire involves aiming down the sights of her harpoon gun, but unlike Mendoza she can zoom in and accurately engage enemies form much farther away. Even better, Ajonah can use her unique grappling hook tool to swing up to high vantage points, making it even easier for her to get the drop on far-off enemies.

Along with her grappling hook and sniping skills, Ajonah can deploy a jamming shroud to hide both herself and her allies from enemy detection (a handy tool to have once a player finds a favored sniping position). Ajonah’s final utility tool, her squid mine, not only damages enemies who trigger it, it can also help her make a clean getaway since it slows affected enemies as well. 


Summer is hands-down one of Crucible’s most unique Hunters, not only because of her preferred weaponry (a pair of wrist-mounted flamethrowers) but also because of the many creative ways in which she utilizes said weaponry. Using her standard and alt-fire attacks, Summer can unleash a constant stream of flames to damage enemies at close and mid-range or fire an exploding fireball to deal with long-range opposition.

For her other abilities, Summer focuses on dynamic movement which allows her to traverse the map with ease and also attack foes from unorthodox angles. Using her firepulse thrusters, Summer can leap great distances, and while she’s in the air she can trigger her magma spiral to basically turn herself into a flaming tornado of death. Lastly, her ignition spark fires a central blast that knocks both her and nearby enemies back, inflicting damage while also creating distance.

An important thing to note is that playing Summer well involves carefully managing her heat buildup. If Summer’s heat rises too high through continuous ability use, she’ll be temporarily unable to use any attack or ability. Players who can keep their cool during tough fights and resist the temptation to just spam abilities at the first sign of trouble will be able to make good use of Summer’s unpredictable attack style.  


Crucible players looking for a character with a bit more of a melee focus have several options to consider, but one of the best choices for intermediate players hoping to up their game is the duelist Hunter Shakirri.

Shakirri’s combat style mainly revolves around her ability to switch between a long-range pistol and a close-range sword. She moves faster with her sword out, but her pistol has unlimited ammo (though fired shots need a few seconds to “regenerate”). Her alt-fire also changes depending on which weapon she has equipped, allowing her to aim down her pistol’s sights or unleash a disrupting energy wave from her sword.

No matter which weapon she has equipped, Shakirri is also an excellent pick for objective-based modes thanks to her ‘Force Dome’ ability which creates a large circular energy dome that blocks enemy attacks and prevents them from entering the dome’s interior. During combat, Shakirri can also make use of her personal holo-shield to deflect enemy projectiles and melee attacks, making her a force to be reckoned with in 1v1 encounters.

Mastering Shakirri’s dual-weapon fighting style can take a little effort, but her versatile kit of offensive and defensive abilities makes her an excellent choice for skill-based players who enjoy the challenge of out-thinking their foes.

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