Crash Bandicoot, Godfall, Spelunky 2 and everything else shown during Sony’s State of Play for August 2020

Another month passes and we are another month closer to PlayStation 5. We are coming to the end of the summer dry season and heading into the major pre-holiday blitz. Sony has said they won’t have any updates for first party PlayStation Studios in this State of Play, nor will they have any updates for hardware, business, preorders, or dates. That means this focuses heavily on third party titles, which is fine because Sony prides itself on its third-party lineup anyway.

Let’s take a look at the 40 minutes of footage they had to show off.

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time

This direct sequel to Crash Bandicoot Warped brings back classic platforming gameplay that you know and love. Neo Cortex and N. Tropy have blown a hole in space and time. It’s up to Crash and Coco to save the day. It will play a lot like traditional Crash games, jumping, spinning, shifting perspectives, heck you’ll even revisit old stages from Crash’s history. Crash can also wall run, raid grind, zipline, and much more. Crash will also be able to use new “Quantum Masks” which allow him to screw with time and space by flipping gravity, slowing down time, or shifting platforms in and out of reality.

You can play the entire game as Crash or Coco, but there will be points at which you can play as Cortex and Dingo-Dyle. Finally, stages will also have remixed modes to tackle them in, from a complete mirror course, to a whole stage underwater, to a hidden stage that you have to fling paint around to reveal like The Unfinished Swan.

Hitman III

Can’t get enough of Agent 47 but wish his murdering sprees were a little bit more hands on? Well, now you can take control of him in VR with PSVR. Hitman III will have a new VR mode and, in fact, you can play the entire trilogy in VR starting in January 2021.

Braid Anniversary Edition

One of the original breakout hit indie titles is getting a new HD remake for modern platforms. In addition to vastly enhanced graphics, completely repainted to look like something of a moving painting, there are also several different developer commentary tracks, providing information on everything from story and puzzle design, to updated graphics and even speedrunning tips. It will give you a deep look into how video games are made. It will launch early next year.

The Pathless

The Pathless is a brand new open world indie game with a focus on traversal. Your character, The Hunter, can shoot talismans to fill a dash meter that allows her to run across the landscape quickly. Your goal is to keep shooting targets to keep yourself moving, using your dash meter for things like double jumps, air-dashes, and glides. Much of the game is a traversal puzzle, tasking you with getting around maps using strategically placed talismans to hit switches and find secrets.

There’s no map in The Pathless. Instead you can turn on spirit vision which reveals points of interest, and show what land you have already traversed.

At times you will also have to fight dark spirits that will attempt to separate you from your eagle friend which enables your aerial mobility. This turns the focus to stealth as you try to avoid the spirits’ gaze. By solving puzzles and restoring light to towers known as obelisks, you can make these spirits vulnerable, and unlock a boss fight in which you have to fight them while chasing them at the same time.

Also you can pet your eagle. I’m here for it.

Spelunky 2

Spelunky 2 is all about community. On top of the new online multiplayer, the single-player itself is about building community as well. As you make runs and unlock new characters, you will build a community around a home base.

Spelunky 2’s world will also be much more interactive. Players will have to choose branching paths, ride mounts, destroy huge parts of the caves around them, and much more. The shop system has been greatly expanded with many new items to buy. There are also a number of NPCs that can help or hinder you on your runs.

Also there are just… so many different ways to die.

Spelunky 2 releases on September 15 for PlayStation 4.

Genshin Impact

Ah yes, the action adventure game that borrows from Breath of the Wild so much, it got a fan to actually destroy his PS4 in public. Well, if you are willing to look beyond the fan hype and hate, it actually looks like a pretty decent game. You can control several different characters each with their own powers which can alter the terrain around you. There’s a character that can fire flaming arrows and cause explosions, a character that can freeze ice into paths, a character that can make platforms out of earth, a character that can attract enemies through magnetism, a character that can summon familiars and see through their eyes, and much more.

On top of that, there are a number of different weapons and weapon styles that you can make use of to combat enemies. You can also climb over terrain, just like BOTW, but you can do so with your friends in multiplayer.

Genshin Impact is releasing this fall on PlayStation 4 worldwide.

Aeon Must Die!

You know those awesome sci-fi album covers from the ‘80s? Well this is one of those come to life. It’s an impressive beat em up with an incredibly unique animated style. Honestly, the graphics alone hooked me on this one. It’s coming to PS4 in 2021.


Another game that is selling itself on its graphics, this is an action platformer that blends 2D spritework and 3D environments in a very impressive way. It’s characters almost look three dimensional, even though they are, for all intents and purposes, just changing sprites. It will come out this December for PlayStation 4.


If you thought you had no idea what this game was about before… you will have less of an idea now. Apparently you will be playing a journalist heading to the island of Bugsnax to figure out just what the heck Bugsnax are. As you use a variety of different traps and skills to catch Bugsnax, you will build up the island and rebuild a town filled with citizens you help. Then maybe you’ll get attacked by a giant flying pizza.

Bugsnax will release this holiday on PlayStation 5.

Vader Immortal

Ever wanted to be a VR Jedi… you know… outside of Beat Saber? Well now you can! Vader Immortal allows you to perfect your own lightsaber dueling style and master several different force powers in your quest to take on the Sith lord himself. You can start zapping your enemies with force lighting on August 25.

Control: AWE

Control’s second expansion comes with new areas to traverse, new enemies to fight, new powers to control, and a whole bunch of creepy SCP-like lore to uncover. It will launch on August 27.

Auto Chess

Hey remember auto-battlers? Those were a thing for a hot-second weren’t they? Well now one of the original auto-battlers is coming to PS4. Auto Chess is coming out on October 31, and if you are still into the genre, it’s definitely worth a look.

The Pedestrian

Another PC indie favorite is coming to PlayStation 4. You’ll be able to hop between signs and travel the world as a small icon this January.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends

Hood is a grimdark retelling of Robin Hood. Nope, even grimmer and darker than that. It characterizes the merry men as a bunch of gritty violent thieves stalking the forest and murdering the corrupt government. However, it also puts them in rivalry with other bands of thieves, all looking for their share of the king’s gold. It’s a stealth action game with a medieval weaponry twist, and it’s a brand new title for PlayStation 5 that will launch in 2021.

Tem Tem

This indie Pokemon-alike is hopping off PC and onto the PlayStation. It was pretty popular for a hot minute, mostly due to its extensive multiplayer options. It will hit PlayStation 5 in 2021.


Finally we have another look at this brand new action game coming out of Gearbox studios for PlayStation 5. They are calling it a “looter slasher” a lot like Borderlands meets God of War. You can play either in singleplayer or in online co-op with up to two other teammates. They have made it clear that there are no microtransactions, no waiting for content, everything is in the game on day one and is unlocked through in-game progression.

The developers say the game will favor offense over defense. You will encounter groups of enemies fairly often and will be best served closing the gap and attacking them before they can attack you. The game rewards you for being aggressive and constantly being on the move.

There are five weapon classes in Godfall: Longsword, dual blades, polearm, Warhammer, and greatsword.

The dual blades are meant mostly for single target DPS. They have high damage, high mobility, high speed, and long combos. Their heavy attack is a spinning slash that can be used as a finisher, or for a bit of crowd clear. The dual blades can be thrown at an enemy and then retrieved, pulling the enemy toward you. They also come with a buff that will increase your damage for a short period of time.

The longsword is the middle of the road weapon, boasting more crowd control than dual blades, but more speed than heavy weapons. The longsword has a number of special strikes, such as an AOE strike and a single target attack flurry. Also, you can shield uppercut your enemies if you time the shield button at the exact time an attack lands.

All weapon types have access to the shield. You can block attacks with it and if you block attacks at the last minute you’ll parry the enemy, leaving them open. You can also attack with your shield, throw your shield, and perform an AOE wave attack by timing the shield button just as you catch your shield.

Godfall will be available holiday 2020 for PlayStation 5

That’s all Sony had to show us today. What titles are you most excited for? Watch the entire presentation below: